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Warsaw-based Doctor.One picks up €2.1 million for its virtual clinic transforming European healthcare

Empowering doctors to develop their private practice based on patient subscriptions, Doctor.One has just secured an additional €2.1 million. The funding, which comes just half a year since market launch and only a few months since a €440k raise, was led by Atlantic Labs. 

Movens Capital, a VC fund known for a wide portfolio of investments in the CEE area, including Vue Storefront, Packhelp and StethoMe, has made a follow-on investment in the startup, after being the first to believe in the startup’s ambitious vision. 

Tomasz Rudolf, CEO at Doctor.One, explained: “We have been on the market for less than a half year and Doctor.One is already used by doctors of over 30 specialities – from family medicine and paediatrics, through gynaecology and allergology, to endocrinology, haematology and neonatology. Already in the first weeks, we have received positive feedback from both doctors and their patients. Our data shows that after a month of using the platform, the revenues of some doctors had increased by up to 20 per cent while maintaining a similar number of working hours. Thanks to our unique asynchronous virtual-first care approach, doctors have more time at their disposal and can extend their care to a greater number of patients. This, at a time where access to specialists is quite difficult, is beneficial to both – doctors and their patients”. 

One of our Polish startups to watch this year, Doctor.One is a next-generation virtual clinic on a mission to help patients get better access to doctors online. Through joining forces with doctors, the founders have designed a new approach to improving access to personalized care without putting an extra burden on already overworked and undervalued health workers. The medtech startup offers an unlimited number of consultations with your doctor through an easy to use chat and securely stores medical history all in one place. 

Doctor.One allows doctors to create and run a private medical practice in a subscription model. Unlike most telemedicine platforms, this virtual clinic is not centred around booking appointments. The cornerstone of the unique care model is daily “rounds”, allowing physicians to respond directly to messages from their well-known patients or check on the progress of treatment.

Via the platform, doctors can invite their patients and have full control over how much time they dedicate to a given patient, as well as over the scope and price of the subscription. 

With healthcare systems across Europe struggling to cope with demand, digital health is a fast-growing new development that is helping both doctors and patients have better outcomes. With its innovative approach, Doctor.One is well placed to enter this market and bring tangible results. 

Daniel Niemi, Principal at Atlantic Labs said: “The fee-per-visit model is outdated and leads to poorer accessibility of healthcare services. Doctor.One’s unique approach enables patients to stay with their trusted medical advisers in a more intimate relationship and allows for a larger share of healthcare services to be delivered virtually and asynchronously, thus creating efficiencies for the system and added convenience for patients. We’re excited to support the team on their mission to bring this to more patients around the world.

With this capital injection, the startup is going to Fastrack its European expansion, as well as further develop the platform in order to meet the needs of both doctors and patients.

Jan Namedyński, CTO of Doctor.One, added: “We will soon activate a new functionality in our application: family accounts, which is a response to the needs of family doctors, paediatricians and geriatricians. Thanks to it, one doctor will be able to look after an entire family.”

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