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Meet the 15 finalists of our big Pitch Competition at this year’s EU-Startups Summit!

On May 12-13 we’re going to host this year’s edition of the EU-Startups Summit in beautiful Barcelona! Alongside inspiring talks, unbeatable networking opportunities and insightful discussions, we also have the very exciting in-person return of our annual Pitch Competition! And we have no doubt you’re going to be at the edge of your seat during it!

Like every year, our goal here is to showcase Europe’s most promising seed and pre-seed startups out there. This year, we received an incredible 1,300 applications! After an intense evaluation phase we painstakingly narrowed it down to just 15 finalists – the teams of which will pitch to win an incredible prize package worth €125k and take home the prestigious title of Pitch Competition Champion!

This year’s Prize Package includes:

  • €50K investment proposal by APX (after a quick due diligence process). APX is Europe’s leading earliest-stage VC, backed by Axel Springer and Porsche, and supports and partners with the most ambitious pre-seed startups from Europe and beyond – often as their first investor.
  • €36K of Scaleway cloud credits as part of their Growth Stage Startup Program. The Scaleway cloud credits will be given in 12 x €3k monthly installments.
  • $10K in Freshworks credits, across Freshworks business software products, including CRM, LiveChat, support, marketing automation, ITSM, and HRMS.
  • €8.5K in credits for an explainer video maker account of mysimpleshow.
  • 1 year of Pipedrive (Sales CRM) – professional package of Pipedrive for 10 team members (value: ~€6K).
  • 1 year Outgrow essentials plan for up to 20 users (total value: ~$6.5k). Outgrow helps you create calcs, quizzes, chatbots (etc.) to acquire, qualify & engage leads.
  • 3 year CLUB membership and an exhibition table at the EU-Startups Summit 2023, including 3 event tickets (total package value: ~€5K)
  • €3K in credits for the cloud communications platform Vonage, which allows startups to integrate voice, video and messaging into their applications.
  • 1 year Guru Plan for SEMrush worth €2.2K, which gives you access to their SEO and online visibility management SaaS platform.

The selected teams will get a lot of valuable feedback from a jury of well-known venture capital investors. This year’s judging panel includes Lina Chong (Target Global), Volker Hirsch (Amadeus Capital Partners), Dr. Aline Vedder (Lakestar), Henric Hungerhoff (APX).


So, without further ado, here are the 15 finalists that will battle it out on May 13 on the main stage. Each startup will have 3 minutes to pitch, and after each pitch we’ll have about 2 minutes of Q&A with the jury.

The 15 Finalists

Gossik – The Swiss startup Gossik is helping its users become more organized, more in control, and more productive. Founded in 2021, Gossik offers an innovative productivity assistant that learns from users, and then, using AI automatically organises tasks, activities and reminders. When a reported 82% of people struggle with time management and there are ever-increasing stress levels, this tool will help boost resilience and happiness.

BeatvestFounded in 2021, Beatvest is on a mission to give millennials and Gen Z the ability to invest with confidence. The German startup is offering a holistic financial solution that educates users and gives personalised advice on one hand, and on the other, provides secure, long-term investment opportunities. Already, there are 2000 people on the waitlist for this product which will make investing more beginner-friendly.

GreenBytes is taking on the food industry – helping retailers to save money and reduce waste with a cloud-based solution. The Icelandic startup has developed a web app that breaks down data based on menus, inventory and past experiences, to predict future food consumption. It means that food retailers can get actionable insights into the amount of food they should be ordering and when. Given that there are 240k tonnes of food waste per day in Europe, this team is tapping into a big opportunity to make an impact. According to the founding team, the platform can save a mid-sized restaurant €8,479 per month and 251kg of food waste. 

LandEx – LandEx is the first European land investment platform enabling any EU, EEA, or UK citizens to conveniently invest in farm and forest land in one click. Through its innovative fintech platform, LandEx enables fractional land investment which enables retail investors to invest small sums into land. Founded in Estonia in 2021, LandEx is the first platform of its kind in Europe, giving every European a chance to invest in the low-risk, high-return, and sustainable asset that land is.

LEGID App Described as the smart legal marketplace that gives users a lawyer in their pockets, LEGID App was founded by the end of 2020 with the goal to remove barriers to legal help. he Estonian startup has discovered that many EU startups, foreign founders and expats are isolated from quality legal help and have created LEGID App to solve the problem – entering a market worth €15.5 billion Through the app, users ask a question which is then sent to a specialist legal professional. Within a few taps, users are talking to a local legal expert in their local language.

Autoscriber – The Dutch medtech startup Autoscriber envisions a world where doctors can truly focus on patients by relieving them of their administrative burden. The startup uses AI-powered speech recognition tech to extract structured clinical data from conversations between patients and physicians and acts as a digital scribe for the doctor. It means doctor’s notes are made in real-time, instantly accessible, and saved for tracking purposes. Founded in 2021, Autoscriber has already been able to win multiple hospitals as their clients.

Dashero Reflecting the increasing popularity of digital assets, Dashero was founded in 2021 with a mission to help digital entrepreneurs take more control of their businesses. The Spanish startup has developed a single platform that automatically pulls together all relevant data so digital businesspeople can have a clearer and more complete view of the progress of their activities. With its cash flow dashboard, users can more automatically monitor the progress of their digital assets and make better business decisions.

omgynoOmgyno – The Greek medtech startup Omgyno is on a social-impact mission to facilitate access to quality women’s healthcare. The startup combines telehealth with healthcare professionals, home testing gyno kits, educational content on sexual health and wellness, and an ecommerce shop with sustainable period care products. Founded in 2021, the startup is driving innovation in an underserved sector and is particularly interested in supporting the female and gender queer community in more conservative environments, tackling misinformation around women’s health and enhancing the quality of care that’s available. 

StreamBee Founded in Czechia at the end of 2020, StreamBee is an intelligence tool for content creators. The innovative startup has developed a dashboard that collects and tracks data from all content platforms that influencers use and then translates the numbers into actionable tips. We undoubtedly are living in the age of the creator economy and becoming an influencer requires top-tier content creation. With StreamBee, influencers and creators have the insights they need to reach higher success, and already an impressive amount of creators are using the product. 

Erasmus Play – By creating a housing search engine specifically for students, Erasmus Play is aiming to take away one of the biggest stress-points of the study abroad experience – finding a place to stay. Founded in Spain by the end of 2020, the startup aggregates verified student accommodation across Europe to give students their own housing search engine. Every year students embark on study abroad and every year they face the same problems when finding a place to stay – with no understanding of local processes, language barriers, and trust being major obstacles. Erasmus Play is building the solution.

Tryp.comEntering the traveltech sector, Tryp.com is a Danish startup enabling multi-destination traveling at ease. The young company has developed an AI-powered platform that combines the best flight deals, train and bus options and hotel prices into customized travel packages. Recognising that travellers are looking for a one-stop-shop to book their trips, and aren’t necessarily too fussed about the destination, this startup, which was founded during the pandemic, offers real potential – giving travellers the best options with minimum effort. 

scudi Founded in 2021, scudi is a fintech startup that is aiming to improve people’s financial wellbeing – a fintech with social impact. The German company offers early wage access, reflecting that while more and more people are living paycheck to paycheck, having greater financial control is increasingly sought after. Financial well being involves having the freedom to make everyday financial choices, the ability to thrive and survive in challenging times and having more control over wage access. With scudi, employees can access their earned salary instantly. 

VMersiveVMersive is a pre-procedural planning software based on automatic 3D reconstruction. Basically, it allows surgeons and medical professionals to better plan procedures and have greater oversight. Using the solution, surgeons can open the CT, CBCT or MRI scan and view it via a VR headset, allowing them to evaluate the patient’s anatomy and have more enhanced planning of procedures. The Polish startup is bringing enhanced digital techniques to a traditionally manual process – saving time and resources. Founded and developed during the pandemic, VMersive is hoping to take on the European medtech market, which is valued at over €140 billion with this innovative tech.

MegiFounded in Croatia in 2021, Megi is a virtual cardiovascular care assistant that aims to give patients back their confidence, quality of life and peace of mind. The innovative product combines clinical expertise with behavioral science and AI to enhance engagement between doctors and patients, and personalize care. MEGI monitors, educates and supports chronically-ill patients 24/7 – giving them an active role in the management of their own disease. This makes patients feel more dignified, and also makes healthcare more sustainable.

RackleUK-based Rackle is offering top-notch fintech middleware that connects BaaS providers with corporates, banks and fintechs. The fintech startup was founded in 2020 with the recognition of how complex it can be to set up financial products and add different financial features. With a plug-and-play suite, Rackle is an all-in-one platform allowing fintech companies, banks and other financial providers to build their own products with Rackle’s APIs. 

This year’s competition is fierce! Make sure you don’t miss the chance to see these exciting startups battle it out for the winning position, by picking up your ticket today!

Some Impressions from our previous in-person event:

Our Event Sponsors

Silicon Castles is a Tech Company Builder and Strategic Business Accelerator for technology, intellectual property and licensing businesses, located in Salzburg, Austria. The focus is on European Diamonds: technology startups with a unique business idea, scalable technology and outstanding intellectual property. Silicon Castles also organizes the Startup Executive Academy (SEA), an international Go-to-Market program for founders and executives of early-stage startups, taking place annually since 2017.

Unleashed, by the Purina Accelerator Lab, is the first and only accelerator programme in Europe dedicated exclusively to pet-tech. Their goal is to shape the future of pet care by supporting disruptive pet startups with technologies in advanced nutrition, sustainability, health and digital solutions that enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them. Over the last 2 years, Unleashed had accelerated 12 pet startups, facilitated >350 founders in the Unleashed community and welcomed over 1000 subscribers to the Unleashed pet tech newsletter.

Webex offers industry leading solutions in video conferencing, team collaboration, calling, contact centre and devices, and is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500. With Webex, businesses can simplify communication, inspire innovation, and empower people to engage with each other anywhere on any device – giving businesses the ultimate edge. Because, when businesses enable employees to bring their best selves to work, everyone wins.

Freshworks is the leader of cloud-based customer and employee software including CRM, livechat, support, marketing automation, ITSM, & HRMS. Products are simple to set up, cost-effective & equipped with powerful automation. Through the Freshworks for Startups program the EU-Startups community can gain access to up to $10k credits on essential tools & products for your Startup. You also get access to Freshworks’ community of VCs, Investors, Mentors, & Customers. Claim your benefits here.

MarketerHire is the fast, easy way to get access to the world’s best marketers. Its recent launch into Europe means you now have on-demand access to our global network of expert, pre-vetted marketers with zero financial risk and full flexibility. Already, the company has over 3,500 customers ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, including: Netflix, AngelList, Plaid, Quip, Skillshare, Udacity and others.

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, is a catalyst for human progress. Dassault provides businesses and people with collaborative 3D virtual environments to imagine sustainable innovations. They have worked with hundreds of startups to support their dreams and help them scale up and launch innovative and disruptive products onto the global market. Fundamentally, Dassault Systemes believes that the only progress is human, and startups are pivotal to driving it forward.

SafetyWing-logoSafetyWing is building the first global safety net for remote companies, remote workers and nomads worldwide. Their products are built and designed by a fully remote team of nomads distributed across three continents. Remote Health by SafetyWing is a global health insurance that covers your employees and contractors worldwide under one simple plan.

ACCIÓ – Catalonia Trade & Investment is the Catalan Government’s agency that works to attract foreign investment to Catalonia, promoting the region as attractive, innovative and competitive business location for startups. Check out their offerings and the Catalonia Startup Directory.

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