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Inviting startups to bring digital transformation to Lithuania’s public sector, the ​​5th GovTech Challenge Series programme has launched! (Sponsored)

Lithuania is once again opening up the challenge for fresh startup ideas with the launch of the fifth GovTech Challenge Series! The programme is on the hunt for smart, innovative solutions to improve services for citizens and make the public sector more efficient.

The programme will also help startups and the public sector to collaborate – advocating the co-creation of new solutions. The results of previous editions of this programme highlight Lithuania’s commitment to applying technology to solving public problems – and it’s working. 

As technological progress and digital transformation continue to become a part of everyday life, society is placing increasing demands on the services provided by the public sector. Although the public sector is rarely seen as a startup client, there are some great examples of startup-created innovations that address social and public sector challenges. It’s an area in which startup innovation has amazing potential. Last year alone, with the help of the GovTech Lab Team, over 40 innovative solutions were implemented in the Lithuanian public sector – from solutions for a smart city or health systems, to better communications with citizens. 

Arūnė Matelytė, the manager of GovTech Lab Lithuania said: “We see that public sector organisations have become more courageous to look for innovative solutions that would solve emerging problems. The organisations aim to tackle not only their internal challenges but also improve the public services for the citizens. That is where startups and innovative companies can really help. For example, tools such as a smart mental health assistant for relapse prevention help sensitive members of society to be involved in their health management, to feel more independent and empowered.”

Increasingly, more and more innovative technologies are being adopted by the public sector. And it’s not just by purchasing the cheapest solution through public procurement, but rather by engagement in active collaboration with startups and innovative companies. The essence of such cooperation is product development by both sides, applying high-quality standards and sharing best practices. 

Arūnė Matelytė added: “The focus on the GovTech market in Lithuania is growing and we do not even doubt that it will become an opportunity for startups to develop new products, and will also guarantee high-quality services for citizens.” 

The challenges of the GovTech Challenge Series 5.0 will soon be launched at the Innovation Agency of Lithuania, where GovTech Lab will be relocated at the beginning of May. Challenges will include, e-receipts; a platform for public education; a mobile transportation system; a tool to identify illegal content online and more. 

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GovTech Lab Lithuania is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Number and name of operational programme measure: 01.2.1-LVPA-V-842 Inogeb LT.
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