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Dublin-based Clarity CX1 picks up €1.6 million for its tailored cloud CRM solutions that are in high demand

Today, Dublin-based startup Clarity CX1 has announced that it has raised €1.6 million in fresh funding from DBIC Ventures. 

Founded in 2020, Clarity CX1 develops tailored CRM solutions built on the Salesforce Lightning platform. The solution was developed to fill a gap in the market for strategic sales and relationship management in sectors with notoriously complex and multi-layered customer engagement cycles – notably life sciences, manufacturing and financial services. 

Clarity CX1 is tailored for each industry, allowing users to rank and manage opportunities strategically, providing the user with a detailed understanding of where to focus their efforts. Sales teams across the world are growing and this tech will prove pivotal in developing customer engagement cycles. 

Chris Deren, CEO and founder, Clarity CX1, explained: “Industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and financial services have large voids in their CRM systems because of their extremely complex B2B  sales cycles. Sales teams are engaging with multiple stakeholders of varying seniority in multiple departments: it is not only a headache, but it delays revenues. We are providing users with the insights to make the best use of their time and therefore shorten the sales cycle and pursue more qualified opportunities.

As a spinout of Client Engagement Solutions, the young startup is one of the first vertical industry cloud solutions to focus exclusively on strategic customer engagement, first bringing the pioneering approach to global pharma companies. The company was created based on continuous feedback from the life science clients of Clarity Engagement Solutions, and, therefore, it is directly targeting real concerns and addressing the need for better SFE tools and processes to support more B2B, complex customer account management.

The fresh investment will be used to support Clarity CX1’s go-to-market strategy, which includes global growth. The company is targeting large multinationals operating in the US, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the UK and is currently implementing CX1 with Stemline Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Menarini Group based in Italy. In addition, the team want to grow its headcount – creating about 30 more jobs. 

Colm O’Sullivan, Partner, DBIC Ventures, said: “This significant investment underlines the founder’s impressive track record and the clear global market need for Clarity CX1. The company is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy and targeting some of the world’s most profitable industries.

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