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10 European legaltech startups shaking up the industry to improve our daily lives

While the inaccessible nature of law gives lawyers a monopoly over legal advice and information, legal tech tools help democratise access to it, by making content readily available and documents easier to understand.

The use of these tools in business-to-consumer markets may create true golden opportunities. More and more startups offer consumers tech that allows them to access legal services or info in a swift and affordable way. This is especially relevant to areas of the law that allow for automation, such as challenging parking tickets, facilitating airfare refunds, divorce, probate and more. Legal tech has therefore a great potential to impact our daily lives. 

Here’s our compilation of 10 European startups that are offering innovative legal services:

Hugo.legal – Founded in 2019, Hugo.legal is an Estonian startup that aims to provide quality legal assistance at suitable prices, matching up consumers with the most suited lawyer in the price range chosen by the consumer. Hugo wants to make access to justice possible for everyone by providing a ‘sharing economy-based marketplace of lawyers. In 2021, the young company signed a €3.5 million contract with the Estonian government.

Red Points – Red Points is pioneering Digital Revenue Recovery. By combining online brand protection, copyright enforcement, and distributor monitoring capabilities, Red Points gives you full visibility into brands’ presence online. Over 1,000 companies rely on Red Points to fight fakes, piracy, impersonations, and distribution abuse online, allowing them to maintain control, improve their brand value, and increase revenues. With offices in New York, Barcelona, Beijing and Salt Lake City, Red Points has disrupted an industry traditionally led by intellectual property lawyers and service providers with a scalable, cost-effective solution. CEO Laura Urquizu will actually speak at this year’s EU-Startups Summit!

Juro – UK-based Juro is an all-in-one contract automation platform that enables legal and business teams to create, execute and monitor routine contracts from one unified workspace. Founded in 2016, it actually started 2022 with a mega €20 million funding boost. It was founded by lawyers and software engineers to rebuild contracts from the ground up and make the process of agreeing with terms fit for the modern world. It is currently powering more than 400k contracts across over 65 countries, with a client base that includes Trustpilot, Deliveroo, Secret Escapes and Cazoo.

Pocket Law – This Swedish startup, founded in 2018, that acts as a digital in-house lawyer for businesses of any shape or size. It empowers lawyers to do their job to the best of their ability with the right digital tools, streamlining their workload, so that they spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on the complex, challenging components of law that demand expertise and creative thought.

Legal Nodes – Founded in 2018, this Ukrainian/English startup calls itself “lawyers-at hand” and consists of an all-in-one legal platform for global companies and freedom-seeking lawyers, centred around a roadmap for startups. Built by founders for founders, it also has legal products concerning GDPR and DAOs. Legal Nodes mission is twofold: increase price transparency in the legal market and help clients receive legal help seamlessly worldwide. Since its launch, it has converted more than 30 requests into paid deals.

Farewill – Based in London, Farewill offers will writing and funeral services leveraging a platform to simplify complex processes, avoiding legal jargon and hidden fees. Founded in 2015, it is a provider of an all-in-one financial and legal services platform used to deal with all paperwork after death. It enables clients to manage their wills online using simple and affordable digital tools through round-the-clock customer service operations. The team of 140 people has helped raise more than €534 million in pledged legacy income for over 1000 organisations in its mission to change the way the world deals with death. In 2020, the company picked up €22.1 million and has been growing strong since.

Amicable – Founded in 2015, this UK-based startup aims to provide a better, kinder and more affordable way to divorce, separate and co-parent. It uses technology to help couples divorce faster and tools and support to achieve fairer outcomes, the focus being on people being able to move on successfully with their lives. It reduces the stranglehold of the legal profession and improves the human experience, as a result reducing the cost to the individual, families and society as a whole. No one wants to get divorced – amicable handles the difficult process with a human touch.

Reclamador – This Spanish startup offers legaltech and crowd complaining services to help customers make claims to companies in areas such as flights delays compensations, bank complaints or wrongful collection of added value taxes. With more than 50k cases resolved, the startup has recovered €25 million in compensation for its clients so far. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Madrid.

Legitify – Founded in 2020, Legitify is headquartered in Stockholm and was part of THe NDRC Accelerator in Dublin. It’s a startup that provides an end-to-end platform to customers for document authentication and validation in Europe and beyond, offering them a remote online notarization solution. It improves efficiency, streamlines processes and saves valuable time for customers during each transaction while adding real-time convenience to their notarization needs.

RightNow –  German startup RightNow was founded in 2017 in Dusseldorf and is a leading consumer factoring provider in Europe, as well one of Germany’s most successful legaltech startups. The company buys legal claims arising from everyday situations from consumers and business partners. Customers then receive a large part of their reimbursement claim within a very short time.

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Raquel Sampaio
Raquel Sampaio
Raquel Sampaio is a Lawyer with more than 10 years of experience, based in Lisbon. Having worked in Mozambique, Timor-Leste and NYC, she is passionate about innovation and an avid community builder around creative ideas. She enjoys storytelling and is an enthusiast learner of the Web3 paradigm shift.

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