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Valencia-based Sesame HR secures €10 million to redefine the company-employee relationship

With the goal to help companies understand and manage the world of work, Spanish startup Sesame HR has just secured €10 million for its tech that is revolutionising human resources. The funding has been led by PSG, a leading growth equity firm partnering with middle-market software and technology-enabled services companies to help accelerate their growth.

Based in Valencia, the HRtech startup offers software that streamlines processes related to centralised employee management on a single platform, bringing about better connections between companies and employees and strengthening relationships. Through a series of tools and automation options, it helps managers, executives and HR professionals in companies to digitise and simplify the most routine tasks so that they can spend more time and effort building the best experience possible for their employees.

Further, Sesame HR integrates its functions in a digital ecosystem alongside other HR software products to facilitate and speed up the work of HR departments. It goes beyond simply digitising human resources, instead focusing on building individualised experiences for managers and employees, and for companies to have a clearer vision of their teams.

Founded in 2015 by Albert Soriano, this is a timely investment when the ways of working are undergoing transformative change. 

Albert Sorainao said: “The new reality in the world of work is complex and the speed at which the changes come is overwhelming for many HR teams, so in addition to digitising and automating the management of teams, it is necessary to focus on the development of solutions that facilitate the transmission of company culture and to improve the employee experience”.

One of the key strengths of Sesame HR is its customization feature, enabling companies to better engage with and manage teams, as well as better adapting products to different markets across the globe. In addition, the software includes a People Analytics solution that helps companies to have a much clearer and more agile vision of their team.

Albert Soriano explained: “Employees do not want to be treated as groups, they want individualised actions, decisions and performance measures. We believe the new way of working has opened up a fantastic opportunity for software products like Sesame to create solutions adapted to this new world. Beyond the digitisation of processes, we want to help companies adapt to this new era”.

Today, Sesame HR has more than 5,000 clients and provides solutions for companies with between 10 and 2,000 employees. Today the suite enables the most routine human resources processes to be digitised so that the HR team can focus on what is most important: taking care of their employees, growing their business and building a successful corporate culture. Thanks to Sesame HR, vacation management, shifts, digital signatures, recruitment, document management, evaluations, onboarding, training and many other tasks have become digitised and automated, and therefore simplified.

Since its inception, the company has had sustainable growth. It currently operates in 30 countries, has more than 90 employees and will seek to significantly grow its workforce in 2022. The fresh capital will be used to strengthen the startup’s international presence by helping the company adapt its products to each new country, leveraging the firm’s presence and expertise across Europe and the United States. In addition, it will help improve its People Analytics offering to apply AI to help companies better understand their employees and create fully personalised work experiences.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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