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Swedish Diet Doctor picks up €3.5 million to revolutionize the view of healthy food

Health platform Diet Doctor has just picked up its first investment since its 2014 launch. A €3.5 million boost is coming from Swedish Centripetal Capital, backed by Swedish super-entrepreneur Saeid Esmaeilzadeh. Other investors also include Graham Weston, an American entrepreneur who, among other things, co-founded and led Rackspace as CEO.

Founded by doctor Andreas Eenfeldt, initially as a health blog, the Diet Doctor has been growing from strength to strength and is today a leading health platform across the world. Using modern and independent research, the aim is to inspire users to eat and feel better.

Founded initially as a health blog, previously, the company hadn’t received any external funding, but has still reached 60 employees and turnover of about €6.7 million. This new funding now values the Sweden-based business at €24 million. 

Diet Doctor is now taking the next step in its journey to simplify and improve global health by launching a completely new method and product, with a potential market of hundreds of millions of people.

Andreas Eenfeldt explained: “Conventional dieting with fewer calories does not work, and yet it is marketed by our competitors. We look forward to dispelling these myths and making it easy for people to eat delicious, satisfying food that also improves their weight and health

Based on new research, and developed together with world-leading experts, Diet Doctor’s new model and product aims to help people achieve their health goals in a more sustainable and long-term way.

Andreas Eenfeldt: “The biggest health myth of all is that it’s just about eating less and running more. These myths are the main reason why 95% of dieters go back to their previous weight or more within a few years.”

With the launch of the new and updated platform, they leave the diet focus once and for all and instead focus entirely on good food – therefore Diet Doctor will also soon change its name.

Andreas added: “On Netflix, for example, you can go in and customize the selection and choose movies you love – in our new product you will in the same way be able to choose healthy food you love, for every occasion. None of our competitors even seem to be trying this, which is shocking. When we now take yet another step from diet focus to food focus, we will therefore also soon change our name.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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