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Foyer Global Health: Providing health insurance for workers abroad (Sponsored)

Over the past couple of years, the world of work has been experiencing a tidal wave of change. One of the greatest trends is the rise of a digital nomad culture, and the movement of people abroad to work. 

New ways of working

Not only are companies beginning to look internationally for talent amidst the great labour shortage, but employees as well are looking further afield for better opportunities during what’s being described as the Great Resignation. These two phenomena, alongside a rise in remote-first business culture mean that international hiring and working is becoming a new normal. There’s also a trend of workcation that grew in popularity during the pandemic. All in all, it’s a rise of digital nomads, expat workers and a globally mobile generation.

Startups across Europe are responding to this and talent acquisition processes now have to take international recruitment into consideration. One key part of this is to ensure that employees have this international freedom and are protected whilst enjoying it. Health insurance that is borderless is crucial to attracting and maintaining talent.

Healthcare is a top concern

With startup and working culture taking on remote, hybrid and international outlooks, one area that often people forget to think about is healthcare. Healthcare is crucial to our day-to-day, yet we don’t think about it until we need it. Moving country, healthcare prevents a massive challenge – from language barriers to bureaucracy, it can be a headache to set up. Companies have a responsibility to make sure their employees will still have access to quality health care.

Foyer Global Health is a leading health insurance and service provider for globally mobile people, ex-pats and digital nomads. 

Foyer Global Health provides health insurance plans that derive from decades of experience with customers and staff from all over the world, giving first-class cover with comprehensive medical assistance and high value-add services to meet individual and group needs. 

Based in Luxembourg, Foyer Global Health is empowering a generation of globally mobile workers, providing global health insurance that moves with its clients and isn’t constrained by borders. The company offers a range of health insurance offerings – so if an employee is moving temporarily for a ‘workcation’ or making an entire life change, they can be comforted to know they are covered. 

One working expat who chose to use Foyer Global Health for a move to Sweden from the UK explained how just to register at the local tax office, they needed health insurance. Being an expat often means you don’t qualify for public health systems and so private is the only way – and sometimes its a completely new world to navigate. 

“Foyer Global Health was fully aligned with what I was expecting: a truly easy subscription process as everything was presented in clear steps. Having the ability to fully subscribe online, yet having the ability to pause the process at any time in order to ask a few questions, was exactly what I needed.”

Startups looking to support international remote work and embrace a new wave of digital nomad culture need to consider how best to provide and support their employees. Global health insurance policies are important elements of the new world of work. 

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