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Dutch startup TheyDo raises €1.7 million to develop customer journey management software

Dutch tech startup TheyDo has just raised €1.7 million to provide user-friendly software solutions to better manage customer journeys. The new funding was led by Innovation Quarter, with original investor Arches Capital also participating alongside different business angles. 

Founded in 2019 by Jochem van der Veer, Martin Palamarz and Charles Beaumont, TheyDo develops software that allows everyone (from designer, engineer to marketer) in the organization to work together on customer journeys. During the pandemic, when teams moved out of the office and began working from home, it became clear that too often, a business’s valuable information is located in too many different places in the organization, and it’s not pulled together in one place – leading to fragmented and messy organization. 

Jochem van der Veer, CEO and co-founder of TheyDo, explains: “Whoever takes a step towards better insight into customer experience often also has to deal with parts that do not work together, channels that are aligned and fragmented data within the organization. These islands of teams and data are often drifting even further apart due to the new homeworking standard due to the pandemic.”

TheyDo operates to integrate data, customer insights and a more productive way of working together. The startup has been growing fast since as companies increasingly release the need for this level of organisation.

Jochem van der Veer continued: “Our user-friendly software product enables people to reunite, structure and manage the entire organization from customer journeys, the customer journeys. In this way, design, marketing and engineering teams within companies can also work together better remotely, when they know exactly what each other is doing.”

In the Netherlands, TheyDo’s Journey Management System has already brought order to a number of major players. Companies such as Bol.com, PostNL, Jumbo and insurance company VGZ work with TheyDo’s software. In the US, TheyDo can already count companies such as pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson and software company NCR among their customers.

Working with the marketing team of Bol.com, TheyDo’s software laid the foundation for a customer journey framework and defined four different personas from the 40,000 partners that the retailer has. As a result, the entire company was able to gain insights into the drivers behind partners selling different products via Bol.com, allowing product teams to identify where to innovate faster. 

With this new funding boost, the software company will expand its team and functionalities in the field of data integrations, including integrations with data mapping and research tools such as Qualtrics, Medallia, Google analytics and Salesforce. More engineers specifically will be hired to fuel the rollout of the programme worldwide, with the US as a core target market. 

Jochem van der Veer said: “We see that most enterprise organizations in the US have already come a long way in measuring customer experience based on, for example, NPS scores or product reviews. The technology and tools for this have been developed at a rapid pace in recent years. However, what they are not yet able to understand very well is what all customer journeys look like – for example, the phase before the customer presses the buy button -, how they fit into a structure of existing features, products and services and how different specialists and teams are involved. easier to work on together. Our down-to-earth Dutch technology can help these organizations to align their business goals with the customer experience.”

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