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10 fantastic French startups to watch in 2022

The startup scene is growing fast in France, and the country’s leading figures are more than serious about having that continue.

Not only is Paris the city of love and lights but it’s also a European hotspot for startups!  France is considered a cradle of startups, both worldwide and in Europe.

With predictions that “Paris will be the most vibrant tech scene in Europe”, the mix of international talent, government initiatives, and entrepreneurial spirit is showing great results. Investments in French startups are also growing, 2021 was an exciting year for the French startup scene with many milestones and positive news. During the year, more than €10 billion was raised and 12 new unicorns arose. We took a look at the French tech scene earlier this year to identify some key trends to watch.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the most promising startups to watch! This year we focused on startups that were founded between 2019 and 2022. 

Silvr LogoSilvr is a Paris-based Recurring Revenue fintech that is tackling a big pain point for business owners who want to grow. They provide you with a whole year’s worth of revenue upfront within 24 hours. The best part? You don’t need to give away equity or take on restrictive debt, which means that you don’t need to put up your house, car, and dog as collateral just to grow your business! But you still have to pay that money back… The good news is that you pay a percentage of the monthly revenue generated, so it’s flexible. Silvr was founded in 2020 and has raised a whopping €133 million! 

Bricks LogoBricks is a real estate company that brings a twist to investing. Their new take on investing? They let you buy “Bricks” at €10 apiece which are essentially shares in a building. They do this by acquiring buildings and financing the first part with a bank loan and the other part with investors like you and me. The reason they sell “Bricks” at €10 is so that more people have access to real estate investing. On average customers see an 11.83% return on their investment and once you want to cash out, it’s completely free! They are a Montpellier-based startup that was founded in 2020 and so far have raised €882k.

E-Space LogoE-Space provides satellite constellation deployment with higher capabilities and lower cost to its American counterparts. They are on a mission to democratize space by building the most sustainable network of satellites in history. Thanks to this, we are about to experience a new era of space-based applications that will propel technologies to their maximum capabilities. E-Space is also on a mission to keep our space green, they claim that they can build collision-resistant satellites that by default should not break apart and set off a catastrophic chain reaction of satellites being struck by space debris. All in all, they are a promising startup to watch, but the inconspicuous California-based company that has a famous founder should keep a closer tab on this startup 😉 They are a Toulouse-based startup that was founded in 2021 and has raised an impressive €44 million.

Greenly LogoGreenly is a Paris-based startup that makes carbon accounting simple and intuitive for SMEs and raises awareness of environmental issues within your team. Do you know how many tonnes of CO2 you and your employees can manage to avoid this year? Yeah, me neither! That’s why we need this in our lives. They provide you with “Question of the day” and “ Challenge of the week” in order to get everyone on board to take effective action within your company. Thanks to a nudge approach, getting involved becomes fun! Every effort counts and it all starts with an app on your phone. This impressive company was founded in 2019 and raised €3 million to curb company emissions.  

PASQAL LogoPASQAL provides quantum processors for use in complex computing challenges. Their quantum processing units are made of hundreds of atomic qubits (the basic unit of information in a quantum computer) in 2D and 3D! It’s a scalable, reliable, and energy-efficient solution to solve the most complex computational problems in science and the industry! PASQAL is a spin-off from the Institut d’Optique (one of the most prestigious French Grandes Ecoles). The team of Antoine Browaeys and Thierry Lahaye at the Institut d’Optique has been showing for several years the simulation of the “vast category of physical problems” that is very hard for traditional High-Performing Computers by today’s standards. They are a Paris-based startup that was founded in 2019 and have raised €26.5 million

Resilience LogoResilience is a Paris-based startup founded in 2021 with an ambitious mission, a meaningful adventure shared by a close-knit team of experts and people who are committed to helping those affected by cancer. Supporting patients and doctors at every stage of the cancer treatment pathway. Resilience is designed for people who have crossed paths with cancer at some point in their lives. It is not unusual to feel alone, especially when a thousand questions pop up one after the other. When incomprehensible ailments and concerns arise. Resilience is there to enlighten them. So far they have raised a whopping €35 million!

Umiami LogoUmiami is a Paris-based startup that has created proprietary technology to produce the best tasting meat alternative in the market! It’s clean-label, plant-based, and best of all? They make both meets and Fish! They love meat but don’t like its impact on health, animals, and the environment (Don’t we all)! That’s why they got founded in 2020 and raised €2.3 million to create the world’s first plant-based whole-cuts. They use an unprecedented technique to texturize plant proteins, they are the first ones who can create thick fibrous chicken breasts at scale!  

Omini LogoOmini Is transforming the lives of patients suffering from chronic disease. Founded in 2019 this Paris-based startup has developed a patented, sensor-based technology that enables self-testing from the comfort of a patient’s home. Omni combines multi-sensing blood testing strips with a portable connected reader and an application that transmits that data to the healthcare system. They have raised €1.7 million to bring lab testing closer to the patient.

Venture Orbital Systems LogoVenture Orbital Systems is a Reims-based space technology startup that offers launch solutions for nanosatellites. To accelerate their positive impact, pioneers developed smaller and more affordable satellites. They can be developed and sent to space in less than 2 years, compared to traditional satellites needing years of development and hundreds of millions of investment. Zephyr is their simple and reactive launcher, dedicated to nanosats. With a payload of 80kg, it can travel 600km! Its overall length is 15 meters and has a diameter of 1.2 meters. Founded in 2019, Venture Orbital System has raised €850k up to date.

Sweep LogoSweep is a Montpellier Based startup that has developed Software to reduce carbon emissions in your business and value chain organization. Whether you think in products, divisions, or locations, Sweep mirrors the way your business is organized, making it easy to assign and track tasks and visualize every action in one place. It’s a flexible system that they call ‘trees’, and it powers every interaction on Sweep. They were founded in 2020 and raised a whopping €23 million!

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Nicolas Ivanovic
Nicolas Ivanovic
is EU-Startups’ new Startup Analyst, focusing on data-driven startup research and evaluations. As part our Startup Sourcing activities, Nicolas is working with corporate clients and investors to help them find the best startups to invest in. Nicolas is a world citizen, having lived in 9 countries across 3 continents. After graduating from Harbour.Space University he chose Barcelona as his home base.

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