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UK-founded Inflow raises €2 million for its science-based app helping people manage their ADHD

The pioneering science-based app built for and by people with ADHD, Inflow, has just raised €2 million in seed funding. 

Hoxton Ventures, led the Y Combinator 21 startup’s round, with participation from US-based Route 66 Ventures. Several prominent angel investors are also backing the company, including the founders of addiction digital clinic Quit Genius (Yusuf Sherwani, Maroof Ahmed, Sarim Siddiqui), and the CEO of legal services chatbot DoNotPay, Joshua Browder. 

London-founded in 2020 by Seb Isaacs, Levi Epstein and leading ADHD expert Dr George Sachs, Inflow is on a mission to help people with ADHD reach their full potential by providing affordable access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) coping strategies – considered part of the gold standard of ADHD care.

ADHD symptoms can include anxiety, chronic boredom, impulsiveness, trouble concentrating, controlling anger, and even depression, but people with ADHD face unique challenges when trying to access support. The process often involves long waiting periods — some waiting years before receiving a proper assessment — and can be prohibitively expensive. It also requires a level of self-advocacy and executive function that can prove difficult for people with ADHD. 

Built by a team of leading clinicians and coaches – with more than half of the team being neurodiverse – Inflow was created to offer a powerful alternative: a sustainable, accessible, and cost-effective solution to in-person therapy. 

Inflow members can complete short daily exercises and challenges to develop healthy habits, learn skills, practice ADHD-specific mindfulness techniques, learn about their neurological differences, and reframe negative thoughts. 

“We knew we could simplify the ADHD care process and reach millions of underserved people living with ADHD” commented Inflow co-founder Seb Isaacs. “Inflow can offer immediate, affordable, and on-demand support in ways our burdened mental health system simply cannot. There’s no waitlist, no need for a referral, no complicated intake process. Inflow is here and ready whenever you are.”

The medtech startup will use the funding to expand its current team of 10 and roll out additional tools and services that have been requested from its community. 

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