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UK-based vegan pet food startup OMNI raises €1.3 million to bring nutritious plant-based diets to our pets

OMNI, the UK’s first vet-backed plant-based food company for dogs, has raised €1.3 million to fuel its expansion in a market estimated to be worth €13 billion by 2028.

Investors in the first fundraising round include institutional food-tech investors such as ProVeg International, Trellis Road, Purple Orange Ventures, Shiocap, and Kale United. Other investors include angel investor Vera Baker as part of the Atomico Angel Programme as well as Brendan Robinson, the Founder of Village Vet, Founder of a leading cultivated meat business, and the food-tech media platform FoodHack.

Founded in 2020 by Dr Guy Sandelowsky and Shiv Sivakumar, the company has seen an average monthly growth rate of 55% since its soft launch in the UK in May 2021. OMNI produces 100% plant-based, nutritionally-complete dog food that is better for the environment, as well as a healthy choice for dogs.

Founder, Guy Sandelowsky is a vet who has witnessed first-hand the rising levels of nutrition-related health problems in dogs, while Shiv, a former investment banker, comes from a family where plant-based dogs have thrived for generations.

As entrepreneurs, they believe that conventional dog food is failing both the animals and the planet. The pair are on a mission to become the world’s favourite and most trusted plant-based dog food brand.

The so-called plant-based revolution is one of the biggest trends in the foodtech industry for humans, and companies like OMNI are bringing the sustainability-orientated phenomenon to man’s best friend. 

Any dog owner can tell you how they become part of the family as a pet. OMNI is providing food for our pets that is higher in quality than many of the pet food brands out there and is packed full of nutritional value. The startup has put research into ensuring the food is full of protein –  at 30% protein (coming from pea protein, brown rice, pumpkin and so forth), it’s a higher content than other meat-based diets. 

Guy Sandelowsky said: “More and more pet owners are going vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, and many are taking their pets with them! This market is already worth many billions of dollars a year worldwide and it will only get bigger – perhaps much, much bigger.”

Now, with new capital in hand, OMNI plans to expand its product offering with an exciting new line-up of functional plant-based treats that are due to be released in the coming months. These treats will target specific health issues that are commonly observed in dogs such as skin issues, joint problems, and anxiety.

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Patricia Allen
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