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App Radar lands €2 million to become European one-stop-shop for app marketing

Austrian-based App Radar has picked up €2 million for its app store marketing platform. The investment comes from Austrian VC firms eQventure and aws Gründerfonds. 

Founded in 2015, App Radar enables best-practice marketing for all businesses with apps. It enables markets to reach more users as it optimises app store appearances and supports app marketing with targeted market analysis. Big data, AI-guided workflows, and easy-to-understand dashboards are used to increase visibility, engagement, and conversion.

The app market is growing, and it’s an upward trend that is seeing no signs of slowing. Apps are one of the most valuable parts of a markets toolkits, across industries. It’s no secret to the extent we use our smartphones, and the mobile internet is undoubtedly one of the most important sources of information and media.

 App Radar is establishing itself as a leading App store optimization and advertising SaaS platform, becoming a global one-stop-shop for app marketing – helping companies tap into this massive market. 

Thomas Kriebernegg, MD and co-Founder of App Radar, said: “There are around 5.7 million different apps in app stores, and around 4,000 more apps come onto the market every day. In such an incredibly competitive sector, good marketing can be the difference between success and failure. We have had a lot of success helping our clients gain this competitive edge – especially when they enter new markets. With this funding, we will be able to create one of the world’s first one-stop-shop for every app marketing need and rapidly expand our presence in a number of major European markets.”

Last year, the company acquired Spanish app store optimiser, TheTool. Currently, more than 1,000 customers in 100 different countries are already using the App Radar solution – driving downloads for customers such as Runtastic, market guru, DEGIRO, Outdooractive and Kolibri Games.

This fresh investment will be used to expand its presence in major European markets and expand its product offering.

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