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Norwegian edtech startup Vignita raises over €660k and plans international expansion

Vignita, founded in Oppaker, Norway in 2017, has just raised over €660k in an oversubscribed funding round. 

Eleven investors participated in this round, including Link Capital, North Venture, Penny Venture and Adler Konsult.

The adult education market is booming, worldwide it’s becoming a trillion-dollar industry. Owing to global skills shortages and rapid technological development, we all need to continuously learn to keep up with new advancements. In addition, amidst the Great Resignation, more and more companies are advocating learning and professional skills development within the workplace. 

Vignita offers a social learning platform for skilled workers. The Norwegian startup gathers all forms of training into one platform, connecting companies with experts and technology so that they can effectively collaborate to train professionals. It has a range of use cases, including employee onboarding, in-house training, compliance, further education, certification and retraining. 

Founded in 2017 by Øystein Barhaughøgda and Mariann Ertresvåg, the edtech platform has been available as a pilot model since 2018 and currently serves 1400 Norwegian companies. To date, 20-course providers of various sizes in the building and construction sector have been allowed to participate in Vignita’s pilot program. After the new year, it will be opened for free registration of course providers. Then, Vignita will be available to all types of skilled workers.

CEO Øystein Barhaughøgda said: “​​We have run a thorough pilot together with a wide range of customers and the feedback has only been positive. We can now offer tools and solutions that meet the needs of the market”. 

On a mission to be the preferred partner for companies that will further educate and develop their workforce, Vignita has established a strong management team and is now boosting the sales and marketing side of the business. 

The goal for 2022 with this new funding boost will be to grow in the Nordic market before expanding to the rest of Europe. The young startup will then take its knowledge and training to people across continents. 

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