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London-based PetsApp raises €3.9 million in mission to bring veterinary clinics to the 21st century

Launched in 2020, London-based PetsApp has just secured €3.9 million in its latest funding round led by Point Nine Capital. 

The funding is also supported by Adjacent, GFC, Market One Capital, as well as angel investors including Todd & Rahul’s Angel Fund (Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra and Eventjoy founder Todd Goldberg), Carlos Gonzales Cadenas (Index), Matt Robinson (founder and CEO of Nested) and Ronen Givon (founder and CEO of Rekki).

With a goal to improve the welfare of our furry friends, PetsApp offers a client engagement platform that is disrupting the market. Founded by Thom Jenkins (a vet himself), and Will Monk (a tech-lead with experience on apps such as The Trainline), PetsApp enables veterinary clinics better manage their practices and boost their revenue by providing software that streamlines communication, payments, appointment booking and more. For pet owners, the mobile app allows them to manage all things pet-related in one place. 

During the lockdown, more and more households welcomed pets into the family, but, at the same time, vets could only see urgent cases in person – creating a backlog of routine procedures stretching clinics beyond capacity, and causing worry for pet-parents. This is when the potential of PetsApp became clear. 

PetsApp helps prioritise owner queries and gives control to vets over their own workflows and revenues. In just a few months after the 2020 launch, PetsApp was already the engagement platform of choice for over 300 clinics. 

To date, PetsApp has helped over 200k pets with over 650k virtual care interactions, and become one of the top veterinary apps in the UK and Ireland App Store. 

Thom Jenkins, co-founder, said: “We wanted to help clinic owners and operators grow their business, as well as making care more convenient for pet owners. But what about the veterinary teams? What if they just saw this as one more thing to do? One more reason to miss lunch. One more reason to be home late. We wanted to build something that would alleviate veterinary burn out, not add to it.”

PetsApp provides a workflow tool that simplifies the communication and ordering flow for both the veterinary clinics and the pet owner. With PetsApp in their pocket, owners can get prompt advice and care, anytime and anywhere, from the veterinary team they know and trust.  The app helps provide a seamless service, from remote consultation to treatments in-clinic, so the clinic and owner can have consistent contact. 

This new funding injection will enable PetsApp to keep building its product and to focus on international expansion.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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