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London-based proptech startup Evo secures €1.18 million to bring more empowerment to renters

Described as Gen Z property management, Evo, founded in 2018, has successfully secured a €1.18 million investment round via the GroVentive investment platform, supported by Moscar Capital. The UK-based company was co-founded by Dean Shepherd and Mark Iandoli, and is chaired by former MP and Minister for Transport Steve Norris. Evo aims to improve connectivity between landlords, tenants, and trades professionals, and as a result make property management more transparent, and cost effective.

Dean Shepherd, stated that with a tech-first approach, ‘Evo is more like Uber or Deliveroo compared to the more traditional property management processes which are still the status quo’. The proptech platform then offers a new approach to property management, in line with the needs and expectations of  the current generation of renters.

Landlord-tenant relationships are often known to be strained, particularly in the current climate of rising prices and housing shortages. Evo set out to improve these relationships and transform interactions between tenant and landlord.

Working across the private and public sectors, Evo gives landlords greater insights into their properties, with access to detailed service histories, and the ability to track jobs in real-time. Landlords and property managers also benefit from a low-cost monthly subscription, and trades professionals can accept jobs via the site.

For residents, Evo offers greater empowerment over their living space. Renters can use the app to report problems, receive information about their homes, and benefit from enhanced communication with their landlord. As a result, the landlord-tenant-trades professional relationship enjoys improved turnaround times, and greater customer service levels.

Dean Shepherd (CEO) and Mark Iandoli (Head of Service) have both commented on the benefits Evo brings to renting relationships and communications. Mark Iandoli said that,The landlord tenant relationship shouldn’t be difficult. Landlords want renters that will take care of their property and pay the rent on time, and all renters want is a safe, warm home to live, knowing that if something goes wrong it’ll be attended to promptly and professionally. For years renters have been crying out for a better way to communicate with their landlords and property managers. Evo offers a solution for what is normally a slow and frustrating process.”

With the funding now secured from GroVentive and Moscar Capital, Evo plans to build partnerships with a host of different providers – covering areas including rent payments, utilities, grocery deliveries, and dealing with local authorities. Commenting on the funding, Leo Davis Co-founder at Moscar Capital, said that Evo has “a proven commercial product, validated by local authorities and large corporates, and a seriously impressive team.  We believe Evo has developed the market’s pre-eminent landlord-tenant platform, ultimately saving time and money for everyone in the process.  Welcome to Gen Z property management!”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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