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Danish Fullview raises €1.58 million to redesign customer support for SaaS companies

Fullview, founded this year, has the vision to enable SaaS companies to deliver more efficient and more personalized customer support and have just successfully closed €1.58 million in pre-seed funding led by Cherry Ventures. 

VC firms Seedcamp, and founders from Pleo, Dixa, Unity, Pitch and Juni also participated in the funding. 

The Danish company is building an API that plugs into existing web applications, allowing customer support agents to instantly see their user’s screen, and initiate in-app video calls and multiplayer screen control. The plugin will also enable developers to get an overview of technical buggies, and automatically create reports, to quickly solve technical support issues together with customer support agents. 

The B2B SaaS industry is more crowded and competitive than ever. In this atmosphere of fierce competition, customers have higher expectations of their SaaS vendors, and companies need to do more to stand out. At the same time, support reps are finding that they often don’t have the time or tools that are modern enough to deliver fast and scalable support, without losing the human personal touch needed for a positive customer experience. 

Simultaneously, product teams have been struggling to gain context for technical support tickets, and end up playing the email back-and-forth game with support agents to fix bugs. As a result, business’ teams and customers are left frustrated.

Founders of Fullview, Daniel Bakh and Dorin Tarau, have both considerable experience with Saas, having been involved with building and selling products in the industry. During their experiences, they inevitably ran into customer support problems. Fullview was developed with the goal to reimagine how customer support can operate in the SaaS model. 

CEO and co-founder of the pioneering company, Daniel Bakh, said:  “If you truly want to scale a SaaS business, revenue retention is an absolute must, and effective customer support is a critical component of that. You cannot grow your company with a leaky bucket.”

The young company is developing its product together with a community of over 35 customer support leaders from globally renowned companies, such as Hopin and Labster. 

The obvious question arises when thinking about Fullview’s solution – what about GDPR and privacy protection of user data? Fullview actually is improving the privacy of customer data. Today, support agents will often log into customer accounts without explicit consent during support sessions, or ask for sensitive data  – all of which is not complicit under GDPR. Fullview’s technology gets rid of the need to log into user accounts entirely. It instead enables agents to easily control a user’s account via multiplayer screen control, where the end-user always gives explicit consent first. 

The boost in fresh capital that the innovators have received will go towards development and recruitment, all with the end goal of better bridging the knowledge and workflow gaps between product teams and support teams. Specifically, Fullview want to scale their engineering team, and grow their invite-only group of customer support leaders to be among the first to use the product. 

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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