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Danish beauty box subscription company Goodiebox hits €40 million in revenue and plans to plant 200.000 trees

In Goodiebox’ last fiscal year, spanning between June 1st 2020 and May 31st 2021, the company’s revenue increased by 55%, from €25.5 to 40 million – a total increase of more than €14 million. Goodiebox’ growth is in large part a result of progress in international markets that currently makes up 75% of Goodiebox’ business. It’s especially Germany (359% growth), Belgium (83% growth) and the Netherlands (50% growth) that has driven the progress.

After its impressive results, Copenhagen-based Goodiebox has introduced a new initiative, “Goodiebox Forest”, which is not about the growth of finances – but rather the growth of trees. The Danish beauty brand takes action against climate change through a new collaboration in which they will plant 200.000 trees – one for each member.

With about 200.000 members in more than nine countries across Europe, Goodiebox is one of the largest brands within box-subscriptions. The beauty company was founded in 2012 and provides a monthly box of beauty products, encouraging members to take some well-deserved guilt-free time for themselves. The products may vary from month to month, but Goodiebox’s core value and mission have always been the same: Encouraging women to do what makes them happy and stop feeling guilty about it.

While on an intense growth journey, Goodiebox is also striving towards being CO2-negative by 2025. This ambitious goal requires a dedicated effort, which is why they have launched ‘The Forest by Goodiebox’. The Forest is a collaboration with Skovsponsor.dk in which Goodiebox has set out to plant 200.000 trees – or the equivalent of 150 football fields.

The forest is a mix of three different types of trees in order to ensure a diverse environment and to inhabit a wide range of insects and animals. Furthermore, the forest will be protected, meaning that the trees will not be cut down before they have reached their full growth potential. This process ensures that the trees encapsulate as much CO2 as possible before being used for so-called ‘useful wood’, meaning that it will be utilized in the production of furniture, floorboards and similar.

The Forest is the first major step in Goodiebox’ goal towards becoming CO2 neutral by 2023 and CO2 negative by 2025. This level of ambition calls for size-able action, which is why Goodiebox has started this collaboration with Skovsponsor.dk. Initially, the project will run for the next three years, but the intention is to prolong and increase The Forest along with Goodiebox’ own growth journey.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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