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Croatian startup Mindsmiths receives €1.2 million to expand AI platform

Founded in 2019, Croatian AI startup, Mindsmiths, has received €1.2 million in seed funding from Feelsgood investment fund to further develop and expand their platform which enables the building of autonomous systems, with a humanist touch.

The young company from Zagreb is pioneering in the field of Autonomous Support Systems (ASS). By integrating the Mindsmiths platform, digital systems can become autonomous, make independent decisions, and approach users proactively. The result is a technology that provides users with a smart solution, at the right time. 

According to Forbes, Autonomous Support Systems are defined as systems that are able to accomplish a task, achieve a goal, or interact with their surroundings with minimal to no human involvement. These systems predict, plan and are aware of the world around them. Mindsmiths want to bring this technology to those decisions that impact people’s lives and humanise this new technology by embedding human fears, emotions and motivations into the decision-making process of ASS.

The platform developed by Mindsmiths can enable doctors and hospitals to find the best solutions of how to take care of chronic patients outside of the hospital environment, schools can use it to offer proactive support and guidance to students, and banks are using ASS to help clients make smarter decisions with their money. As a result, the company is using AI technology to better people’s everyday interactions and bridge a gap between technology and a human-level of care

Mindsmiths is offering development in the ASS space through democratizing the technology. Besides AI engineers, the innovative startup also employs humanist experts with the task of continuously shifting the boundaries of how the relationship between humans and machines can work. Sociologists, psychologists, and behavioural sciences ensure that artificial intelligence systems built on the Mindsmiths platform display the ability to understand users’ needs and provide emotional support in challenging situations. 

Mislav Malenica, founder and CEO, has said: ​​“Machine autonomy is the next big thing and it will unlock the incredible potential of increasing quality of life worldwide. Mindsmiths is here to realize that potential. We are aware that with such great power comes even greater responsibility which is why we are dedicated to the UN goals of sustainable development and guide ourselves by the principles of developing reliable AI.”

The Mindsmiths platform has so far been used to build ASS in various industries, from healthcare to chronic patients to financial advice for clients in the banking sector. 

“Feelsgood is the first Croatian social impact VC fund. We are proud to have invested in Mindsmiths, which has won us over with its approach. We estimated that Mindsmiths has great growth potential and is dedicated to achieving positive social impact. Because they create technology that makes democratization of knowledge possible, we expect profits to rise with an increase of quality of life for great numbers of people,” commented Renata Brkić, partner and board member of Feelsgood, the VC fund behind this latest investment.

Looking to the future, Mindsmiths have the vision to make their platform available to everyone who wants to use it to build positive social impact solutions. Izabel Jelenić, co-founder and CTO of Infobip, will help with this process as a technical advisor to the young company. 

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