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Bayer G4A welcomes 9 companies to its 2021 Digital Health Partnerships Program (Sponsored)

G4A is Bayer’s digital health partnerships and investments team that is dedicated to scaling digital health companies that are changing the experience of health and developing integrated digital health solutions. 

The team’s vision is to ensure health for all through digital health. G4A works together with like-minded startups, digital health companies, government, investors, and strategic partners to offer early-stage startup investments as well as commercial partnerships and late-stage investments

This year, G4A has been looking for promising early to mid-stage digital health companies for the Digital Health Partnerships Program in the areas of cardiometabolic and renal diseases, mental health, women’s health and radiology. 

After reviewing hundreds of applications from 40 countries, the finalists have been selected based on strategic fit, development, stage of the solution, and internal assessment. Here, we introduce this year’s finalists:

Bayer G4A’s Growth Track

Bayer G4A invested in four promising digital health companies that are tackling issues within cardiovascular diseases, women’s health, and mental health. These innovative startups joined G4A’s Growth Track 2021 in September 2021 and have subsequently received financial funding and mentorship to accelerate their business. The companies selected are Acorai, Cardiokol, Pollie, and RCube Health.

Through the Digital Health Partnerships Program, the Growth Track element provides an acceleration program for early-stage digital health startups. These companies receive €100k to accelerate market uptake, as well as mentorship from Bayer experts and coaching from external industry experts in various fields such as market entry, GDPR & HIPAA, and financial planning.

Bayer G4A’s Advanced Track

Bayer G4A also entered collaboration agreements with five advanced digital health companies in the areas of cardiovascular disease, mental health, and radiology as part of the Advanced Track. These digital health companies will benefit from commercial partnership opportunities with different departments in Bayer. This year’s Advance Track finalists are Cordio Medical, Liva Healthcare, Nines, Woebot Health, and Zed Technologies

On the horizon for 2022

In 2022, Bayer G4A’s Partnership Program will introduce an open cycle application process. This will allow the Digital Health Partnerships Program to run continuously to capture the startups that show the most promise, without being limited by the timing of applications. For 2022, Bayer G4A’s focus areas will be across digital health solutions that fall within the remit of mental health, women’s health, oncology, and cardiometabolic diseases.

Stay tuned! G4A will open their application portal again in January.

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