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Quiz: True or Fake startups. Can you tell the difference?

Modern problems call for modern solutions, and there’s no place quite like the startup ecosystem when it comes to looking for innovative and unusual ideas. If you can imagine it, you can almost guarantee someone, somewhere, has tried to create it.

To honour the wonderful (and occasionally weird) world of startups, we’ve put together a true or false startup quiz made up of 8 different ventures that were started in the last few years. Take the quiz below to see if you can tell the difference (answers at the end!).

Playdate – First up is Playdate, an essential for all furry friend lovers who want to stay in touch with their pets on the go. To help us overcome the twinge of heartache that being away from our pets brings, this US-based startup has developed a smartphone-controlled ball with a built-in camera that lets you play with your pet wherever you may be. The app also includes a built-in microphone and speaker to create a truly personal, interactive experience with your pet no matter the distance.

HorseCom – Next up, headphones for horses. French startup HorseCom has created a music listening device especially for horses, designed to improve the bond between horse and rider. The device is specially adapted for equine ears and improves the horse’s well-being, enhances performance during training, and aids in recovery. After raising over a million in fundraising, it seems like this unique startup set to lead innovation in the equestrian field.

PhoneSwap – Sticking to the same phone day in, day out can start to get boring after a while. Luckily, London-based PhoneSwap has created an online phone swapping platform which allows users to switch up their phone each month by directly trading it with those of other community members. Users pay a small subscription fee to join the PhoneSwap community which now boasts over 5000 members.

Wakie – Would you like to be woken up by a stranger each morning? It turns out, a lot of people would. Startup Wakie is a “person-to-person” alarm clock. Set the time and a friendly stranger will give you a wake-up anonymous call to kick the day off. Wakie doesn’t just have to be an alarm clock though, users are can set up short, 10-minute calls anytime of day to connect and have meaningful conversations with other community members.

PlantLover – Built by plant fanatics for plant fanatics, startup PlantLover is an online volunteering platform where members offer to take care of each other’s plants whilst their owners are away. Users create profiles for their plants explaining where they’re based and what kind of tender loving care (i.e watering) they need and other members jump to the rescue. One thing is for sure, you’ll never come back from holiday to dead, dried up plants again.

Pavlok – Breaking bad habits can be hard at the best of times. Here to help is Pavlok, a startup which is helping users change their habits in a non-conventional way to say the least. The device, paired with a training programme, issues a mild electric shock whenever the user engages in an undesired behaviour. The team says, “through a combination of real time feedback and advanced technology, Pavlok will actually change the way your brain works over time by giving you the accountability and awareness”.

DNA Romance – It seems that finding the love of your life is now easier than ever thanks to startup DNA Romance. You might have guessed by the name, this US-based startup is matching potential couples via DNA. The team have developed a technology that predicts “Chemistry” through an algorithm that considers 100 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers that have been shown to play a role in human attraction and reproduction. (By the way, a similar idea of DNA-based dating was dramatised in the fictional Netflix series The One).

HappyStranger – Everyone needs cheering up from time to time, so why not share the love by sending an anonymous message to a stranger? With their online messaging service, users of Dutch startup HappyStranger sign up to send and receive small notes of positivity to each other on a daily basis. The startup is on a mission to bring a little ray of sunshine into the lives of its vibrant online community which already has over 10,000 members.

Did you manage to guess which startups were real or fake? Scroll below to find out the answers…

The real startups in the article are: PlayDate, HorseCom, Wakie, Pavlok, DNA Romance.

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Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith
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