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Hamburg-based no-code software Heyflow raises €5.17 million to help companies win conversions at scale

Heyflow, the industry’s first no-code platform for interactive user experiences, has just closed a €5.17 million seed financing round led by Project A Ventures. Additional investors include existing backers Atlantic Labs and Possible Ventures as well as several angel investors.

Founded in 2020, Heyflow solves the growing challenge companies face when trying to design high-converting user experiences, fast and cost-efficiently. Heyflow provides companies with a platform to build, design and integrate interactive clickflows – without the need to write a single line of code.

By introducing no-code software, Heyflow enables any organization in the world to create outstanding user experiences and raise conversion levels by building personalized, interactive clickflows for sales, marketing and recruiting purposes within a few hours, instead of investing months.

Amir Bohnenkamp, Co-Founder of Heyflow, stated: “From small businesses to large organizations, everyone needs a great user experience, but only few of us can code. The idea of clickflows is to build something super easy that people can engage with without having to type, because typing is a conversion killer, especially on mobile phones. We want to provide an experience that resonates with peoples’ habits and lifestyles to quickly get them onboard. With a no-code platform like Heyflow, companies can level the playing field when it comes to optimizing their conversion rates.”

Until recently, the development of clickflows has come at the expense of high engineering efforts. Building a clickflow requires the rule automation and interactiveness of a bot builder, the design flexibility of a website builder, and the conversion intelligence of an advanced analytics tool.

Heyflow combines all these aspects into one platform, thus changing the way conversion funnels are built by offering an easy to use drag-and-drop builder. Use cases include onboarding and signup flows as well as lead generation and customer retention funnels in financial services, insurance and recruiting.

Since its soft-launch in January of 2021, the company has seen rapid growth, acquiring hundreds of paying customers from small organizations to insurance companies in more than 15 countries. The capital raised will be used to support go-to-market and product development efforts.

Dr. Anton Waitz, General Partner at Project A, commented: “No-code platforms are seeing very strong momentum, as they offer great opportunities for smaller companies without significant engineering capacity. Amir and Dustin are driven by their mission to build a highly intuitive drag and drop product that helps their users to better acquire, convert and onboard customers. Heyflow has seen enthusiastic first demand in the market – and we strongly believe it can become a clear leader in the space.”

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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