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CryptoArt: Italian NFT startup Reasoned Art closed a €310K pre-seed round

The Italian startup Reasoned Art just closed its first investment round of €310K. Rosario Bifulco, president of the auction house Finarte S.p.A and collector of contemporary art, participated in the funding round, together with LVenture Group, which selected the startup for its LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program.

Thanks to the fresh capital, the team led by the founders Giulio Bozzo and Andrea Marec will be able to effectively plan the next steps to scale up. On June 10th, Reasoned Art curated the first decentralized exhibition of CryptoArt in Italy, exhibiting the works of Annibale Siconolfi, fuse * and Giuseppe Ragazzini on the screens of 30 newsstands in Milan; and eventually selling them during the first Italian CryptoArt auction.

Reasoned Art, launched last June at the MEET – Digital Culture Center in Milan, is the first Italian gallery dedicated to CryptoArt: it selects the best digital artists worldwide, curates physical and virtual exhibitions, and certifies the authenticity of works allowing their sale through NFT.

“We are very proud to actively enhance the digital art and culture system in Italy and Europe. After the dark period we all have faced, we want to contribute to our country’s rebirth through a new way of enjoying art, where viewers become part of the whole value generation process. A conscious use of the blockchain represents a game changer for the future of our society. We would like to thank LVenture and Rosario Bifulco for their support and for sharing our vision”, said Giulio Bozzo, CEO & Founder of Reasoned Art, and Andrea Marec CFO & CO-Founder of Reasoned Art.

“The blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens are opening new frontiers in the entertainment and art sectors, attracting more and more investors’ attention. Thanks to digital and new technologies, the relaunch of the artistic and cultural sector after Covid-19 will not only make the most of the existing scenario but will also produce new value. Reasoned Art enters our Acceleration Program with a great positioning on this trend and a relevant capital increase for the pre-seed phase” said Giulio Montoli, Head of Acceleration in LVenture Group.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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