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London-based Webiny nabs €2.9 million to help developers build serverless solutions in minutes

London-based Webiny, an open-source platform providing developer tools, libraries, ready-made apps and processes specifically created for serverless development, has raised 2.9 million in a seed funding round led by Microsoft’s venture arm M12, with notable participation from Samsung Next, Cota Capital, Episode 1 and YCombinator.

Founded in 2019, Webiny was originally conceived in the context of a serverless content management system. However, the startup states that as users and customers began requesting to use its serverless platform for more, such as building full-stack applications, scalable and performant APIs and fully control the security aspects around those, they pivoted. Webiny became a platform to help companies adopt serverless within their organisations.

With feedback from hundreds of organisations that have tried out Webiny, they decided to split Webiny into 2 different products. The serverless CMS, from before, and a new serverless application framework focusing on building full-stack apps and GraphQL APIs.

Webiny’s serverless application framework provides developers with a performant and ready-made architecture running on fault-tolerant serverless infrastructure, designed to handle millions of users. Previously, to reach this level of performance, scalability and redundancy, organisations had to have entire teams of experts to build and manage such a solution, now, these capabilities are available within minutes.

Having now closed this funding round, the team will use the boost to develop its platforms further, and improve their documentation and developer experience.

Sven Al Hamad, CEO and co-founder, commented in a recent statement: “None of this would have been possible without a team that truly believes in our mission supported by our existing investors and advisors. It’s a combination of many great things that came together at the right point in time, fueled by the amazing support and feedback coming from our amazing community.”

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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