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10 of the most promising Dublin-based startups to follow in 2021 and beyond

At the beginning of the year, we hunted down 10 promising Ireland-based startups to watch in 2021. We’re now taking a closer look at Dublin, home to The Guinness Storehouse, the Temple Bar, and known as one of 6 UNESCO cities of literature. More importantly for us today, the Irish city is also a popular startup hotspot, making it into our annual ranking of Europe’s biggest startup hubs.

For this article we’ve scouted promising early-stage startups based in Dublin, founded between 2018 and 2021, taking into consideration team size, funding, growth rate, innovation, and market size. Here are 10 exceptionally promising Dublin-based startups worth following in 2021 and beyond.

Wayflyer is a revenue-based financing platform for e-commerce merchants. Managing cash flow is a frustrating problem for e-commerce companies. Wayflyer provides flexible funding from $10K up to $20 million (€8.5K to €17 million) and its powerful analytics dashboards help businesses make better marketing decisions. Founded in 2019, the team has raised over €158 million to solve cash flow problems and accelerate e-commerce businesses’ growth. Wayflyer has grown to a team of nearly 150 people and has managed to open offices in Dublin, New York, London, and Sydney.

Tines is a security automation platform for modern businesses. Tines automates security teams’ repetitive work, allowing security analysts to design automation stories for even the most complex workflows. No apps, plugins, or custom code is required. This leads to more effective and efficient security teams. With 1,000+ template options for common security actions, Tines is power and simplicity through direct integration with existing tools. Born in 2018, the startup has raised over €35 million and has been named one of the ’45 enterprise startups that will soar in 2021′ by Yahoo.

Manna Drone Delivery provides ultra-fast delivery services with a twist. The startup has created a drone “in a box” service. Founded in 2018, the team has raised over €25.7 million to enable, transform and grow local businesses of all types by powering a 3-minute delivery service. Using custom-developed aerospace-grade drones, Manna delivers directly from restaurants and centralised kitchens to consumer’s homes. Drones fly at an altitude of 80 metres and a speed of over 80kph – delivering within a 2km radius in less than 3 minutes.​

Evervault is on a mission to encrypt the web. Concretely, they’re building tools so that developers never touch-sensitive data in plaintext, without needing to configure cryptographic algorithms or manage encryption keys and can process it isolated from the rest of their stack. The startup’s goal is zero data breaches and believes no unauthorized party should ever access data in plaintext. Founded in 2018, the team has raised over €16.5 million, backed by firms like Sequoia and Index Ventures, and investors like Jeff Weiner, former LinkedIn CEO; Dylan Field, Figma’s CEO; and Alex Stamos, former Facebook CSO.

Sweepr Technologies aims to improve digital consumer-to-business interaction by empowering businesses to create digital journeys that go beyond and exceed their customers’ expectations. Sweepr’s power lies in the insight, research-led, and contextually adaptive guidelines. The platform can embed truly personalised experiences throughout customers’ engagements, creating a humanized feel throughout an automated journey. Founded in 2018, the team has raised over €17.5 million to help businesses effectively optimise the user experience.

Boundless empowers organisations to confidently employ anyone globally in the way that’s best for their people and their business. They take on all local employment responsibilities, including running payroll, filing taxes, and providing statutory benefits to employees. They offer vital safeguards for overseas workers, taking the stress and anxiety out of relocation and affording them better job protection, access to benefits as salaried employees. Founded in 2019, the team has raised around €3.6 million to democratise access to secure employment internationally.

Volograms is on a mission to bring reality capture closer to everyone. Their technology transforms normal videos into volumetric holograms, volograms, bringing real people into immersive content native to AR and VR. The startup puts volumetric video capture in the hands of smartphone users and empowers studios to autonomously capture immersive content from reality. Founded in 2018, the team has raised €2.4 million to develop deep learning algorithms that power volumetric 3D reconstruction, texture mapping, markerless motion capture, temporally coherent sequences, and many more features.

Born in 2020, Nory is a modern restaurant management system. With Nory’s AI forecasting, managers can future-proof their profit margins, order the right amount, eliminate food waste, and never be overstaffed or understaffed again. Nory also offers workforce management with smart scheduling and payroll, and inventory and waste management to make managers’ lives easier. Since its founding, the team has raised over €1.7 million to develop AI technology that learns the ins and outs of restaurants and helps managers stay on top of their game.

Spectrum.Life is a B2B mental health and wellness platform providing a clinically-backed product suite of tools and training. The digital platform combines mental health support and wellbeing coaching, within their integrated health and wellbeing product suite, containing counseling support and thousands of e-learning and content modules across fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Founded in 2018, the team has raised €3 million to enable organisations to provide a workplace wellbeing programme for positive impact on health and wellness, as well as on the culture and performance of the company.

Zipp Mobility is on a mission to reduce congestion and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Zipp is a dockless scooter startup, a quick and convenient way to travel around the city and provide customers with a last-mile solution to and from public transport links. Founded in 2019 by 24-year-old Charlie Gleeson, the team has raised €2.1 million. The sustainability-first startup’s mobility solution was approved for UK trials by the UK Department for Transport, as the UK began to legalise the use of e-scooters. Users can find a ‘Zipp’ near them using the Zipp mobile app.

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Anto Guarin
Anto Guarin
Anto is the Startup Sourcing Manager at EU-Startups. She’s constantly on the lookout for promising startups and projects around the European scene. With a multicultural perspective, she's curious about culture, innovation and technology, strong impact projects, and creativity.

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