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Berlin-based GraphCMS raises €8.4 million to help global companies deliver digital experiences at scale

GraphCMS, a Berlin-based company whose pioneering content management platform enables enterprises to seamlessly deliver better digital experiences, has announced it has raised an approx. 8.4 million Series A funding round. GraphCMS will use the funding to expand its commercial footprint within the US and European markets.

The round was led by OpenOcean, and previous investors Peak and Paua Ventures also participated, bringing the company’s total funding to around 11.6 million. Mango Capital’s Robin Vasan (investor in HashiCorp, Netlify and others), Fauna founder and CTO, Evan Weaver, and Instana (acquired by IBM) founder and CEO Mirko Novakovic also joined this round.

Liberating data effectively from third party systems is a key challenge for digitally-driven enterprises, particularly in industries such as fintech, healthtech, and streaming services. Traditionally, businesses would need to build custom middleware to access data from a range of microservices, but this is a challenging, error-prone and expensive task for engineering teams. Tackling vast amounts of complex siloed data is labourious, slowing down enterprises’ product development cycles, and limiting agile content distribution.

GraphCMS’s Content Federation is a pioneering plug-and-play solution to this problem. Users can cut out the middleware, and join siloed data from diverse sources into a single API programmatically. Enterprises are able to access this single API via whichever front end they prefer, allowing a broad range of use cases – from company intranets, to new financial services products.

This innovative approach positions GraphCMS uniquely against their competitors within the headless CMS space, as content can not only be served to any device, but also sourced from anywhere. Companies using Content Federation can push products to market 50% more quickly, giving them a significant competitive edge over rivals.

Michael Lukaszczyk, CEO and Co-Founder at GraphCMSsays: “There has been a significant shift in the way content is being created, delivered, and consumed, with enterprises grappling to keep up with the fast-paced requirements of the omnichannel world. GraphCMS is the solution to a world where content is king, and data from microservices is vital for companies from all sectors. Our best-in-class technology stack provides digital teams with a solution to the thorny issue of siloed data integration. This is huge in terms of accelerating the product development cycle, saving enterprises time and money, and enabling them to better serve their customers. It promises to be a key enabler of the online world as data continues to grow in importance and complexity.’ 

GraphCMS has experienced strong commercial and operational growth over 2021, achieving 80x growth in revenue since its initial seed investment in July 2018. The company has a growing portfolio of enterprise customers across Europe and the United States, all using GraphCMS’s APIs to deliver digital experiences to millions of end users. Current customers include audio products corporation Shure, global ed-tech platform 2U Inc., multinational telecommunications company Telenor, and two European government bodies.

“OpenOcean’s investment in GraphCMS represents our largest initial investment to date in a Series A company”, said Ekaterina Almasque, General Partner at OpenOcean. “GraphCMS is a business primed to solve the challenges facing the industry today, from the exponential growth of siloed data to the increasing complexity of the enterprise digital journey. Firms are crying out for a new approach that delivers applications with the convenience of a database, the collaborative nature of a federated content platform, and the programmability of an API gateway. GraphCMS’ breakthrough approach combines the best of the GraphQL and content management system worlds to give their customers the edge over the competition, and the opportunity to lead  the way in the era of rapid digitalisation.” 

GraphCMS plans to use the new funding to increase its focus on API integrations, accelerate product adoption, and scale its team globally with a particular focus on North America and Europe. Partnerships with digital agencies, software integrators and technology partners will help the company to rapidly scale and expand its footprint.

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