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5 growth marketing strategies to try in 2021

At the beginning of every year, most startups and scaleups are on the lookout for the best growth strategies out there to implement throughout the upcoming twelve months. This interest shouldn’t fade away by the middle of the year. On the contrary, as explained in a previous article titled “Growth Marketing 101: What is it, and how does it work?”, attracting more engaged customers and putting them at the centre of every action should be your constant main goal.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five growth marketing strategies that are worth pursuing if you want to be successful and unlock your business growth potential.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Yes, SEO remains relevant in 2021 and savvy marketers should find ways to use content marketing alongside other traffic channels. SEO is actually becoming even more critical nowadays as most users will go to Google when searching for a product or service. Therefore, if you want your website to be on page 1, it makes sense to invest in a solid SEO strategy. Some of the most important tips to make SEO work for your website are:

  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Get your site loading fast
  • Test links and buttons to ensure they work
  • Get backlinks to your website
  • Write well-researched and in-depth content
  1. Content Repurposing

Quality content is essential to help deliver traffic to your website. Repurposing valuable content is a standard practice of reusing all or a part of an old piece of content to expand its reach. This concept is all about doing more with less to save time, resources and money. Furthermore, your target audience may have a lot in common, but they certainly vary in their preferred learning methods. Some like to read in-depth articles, others prefer to listen to a 30-min podcast or check out a cool infographic. Repurposing content into different forms of media that might be suitable for different channels is a fantastic way to grow your influence to other segments of your target audience.

  1. Referrals

Referral marketing is probably one of the most successful ways to boost lead generation. Moreover, studies have shown time and time again that word-of-mouth recommendations are trusted more than any other form of advertising.

This strategy is of course only effective if you have something worth referring in the first place. It could be translated into positive customer reviews, testimonials, organic word of mouth or any other form of recognition. Referrals, however, don’t happen on their own. Ideally, you’ll need to establish a structured referral programme and offer some sort of incentive that gets people talking about your product or service. These incentives don’t necessarily need to cost a fortune. Sometimes, a non-monetary reward can be quite successful too, for instance, an invitation to your next webinar or some company swag. You will also have to make it easy for people to refer. Referral marketing fits perfectly into your existing email marketing campaigns, so invite your newsletter subscribers and customers to share it with their networks.

  1. Community building

Creating a community around your product or service is a growth hack you won’t want to miss. Imagine having a group of people who regularly use your product or service that you can easily engage with and ask for an opinion. With this faithful group of customers, your growth opportunities are endless: they can test new product mock-ups, share your blog posts and even collect general feedback from their own network. An online community can easily connect your company with would-be customers.

Communities can be built in many different ways: through a forum, various social media platforms or even third-party community platforms where you can create specific topics and channels for your community members to exchange on and kick-start conversations.

  1. Gamification

Gamification is also a powerful strategy to use in order to grow your brand and ultimately, your business. It can easily be used in the onboarding phase to keep users active on your website while they sign up for your service. Everyone, irrespective of their age, likes playing games – why not use this release of dopamine to boost your growth?

By using points, ranks, badges that represent an element of competition or achievement, companies can entice customers into participating and buying a specific product or service. Gamification also improves retention and is also a good incentive for users to refer your products or services to family and friends.

In conclusion…

Growth is a process and like any other processes, it takes time. The above-mentioned five strategies are not exhaustive, they are simply already tested approaches to growth marketing. But every company is unique and you’ve just got to try them out and find the approach and strategy that works best for your startup. Be creative and bold in the process and focus relentlessly on data, the right metrics and numerous experiments to reach your desired goals.

Iulia Baidac
Iulia Baidac
Iulia is a strategist, communications and content marketing professional, based in Vienna. Passionate about cross-industry innovation, startups and technologies that make an impact on the world, her experience spans different European countries and sectors. A storyteller at heart, she enjoys helping entrepreneurs get the word out about their ideas.

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