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10 great accounting tools for startups

Proper accounting is super important for the survival of every company, and investing in the right software and tools early on can be a game-changer for startups.

Accounting software helps businesses create invoices, record incoming and outgoing payments, identify and follow up on past-due receivables, and run reports to analyze the financial health of your company.

Looking at the accounting software landscape it can be quite tough to figure out where to start and what tools to choose. To help you find the SaaS solution that works best for your startup, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great accounting and finance tools to make your life a bit easier.


Melio is helping small businesses to better manage their supplier payments, minimizing time and cost while maximizing cash flow. It offers payment workflow empowering businesses to focus on their customers, not their back office. Melio bill payment solution for accountants helps manage all of their clients’ payments in one place, saving time and money.

Melio offers a simple way to pay vendors and contractors. Customers can pay any invoice with a bank transfer for free, or use their credit card to defer payment, and vendors receive a check or a bank deposit.

Customers can also invite users and easily set up their roles and permissions, controlling approval of each transaction and stay on top of cash flow. Melio also allows customers to save time on scheduling each bill individually, selecting multiple bills, and paying them all at once. Try Melio now!

Plans and Pricing:

Melio offers two types of memberships: for businesses and accountants. The monthly subscription is free, the only fee is 2.9% for credit card payments. Both memberships include:

  • Sending checks
  • Bank Transfer (ACH) & bank deposit
  • Receiving credit card payments
  • Unlimited companies/clients AP/AR management
  • Unlimited users per account


Plooto is an all-in-one account payable (AP) and receivable (AR) platform. Plooto’s vision is to provide a robust financial operations platform to automate and simplify complex workflows, by unifying payments, processes, control, reconciliation, and reporting.

Plooto gives small and medium businesses greater financial control for better cash flow, saving time to focus on coming up with strategies and financial forecasting. 

Plooto enables international payments to 30+ countries for a flat fee with a competitive exchange rate, pre-authorized debit agreements, and integration with QuickBooks (QB) and Xero. Try Plooto now!

Plans and Pricing:

Plooto offers two types of memberships: For businesses and for accountants. Both plans include unlimited users per business, unlimited approvers, unlimited customers and suppliers, unlimited bank connections, free accountant/bookkeeper collaboration, free live support. Pricing starts at $25/month plus applicable transactional fees.


Quickbooks is a cloud-based financial management software designed to save time spent managing business finances. 

Businesses can create estimates and invoices, track sales and cash flow, manage customers and suppliers, monitor tax and make tax returns, keep up with performance and budgeting.

Teams can create and send professional-looking invoices in seconds with custom templates and automated reminders. Quickbooks keeps a record of every receipt so businesses are always organised for tax time. Try Quickbooks now!

Plans and Pricing:

  • Simple start – Track sales, expenses, and profits, create and send unlimited invoices, track and manage your sales tax, for one user, plus your accountant. Pricing is €7.5/month.
  • Essentials – All Simple start features plus manage and pay bills, transact in multiple currencies, generate sales quotes, for three users, plus your accountant. Pricing is €11.5/month.
  • Plus – All Essentials features plus inventory tracking, create purchase orders, track project or job profitability, for five users, plus your accountant. Pricing is €15.5/month.


Bill.com is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates complex, back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses. 

The Bill.com AI-enabled, financial software platform creates connections between businesses and their suppliers and clients. It helps manage cash inflows and outflows. Customers can manage end-to-end financial workflows and process payments.

Bill.com streamlines the accounts payable process and making electronic payments, and improves the accounts receivable process to accept business payments in local currency, virtual card, or check. Bill.com offers integrations with QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, and Intacct, meaning any changes made in one system will automatically update in the other. Try Bill.com now!

Plans and Pricing:

  • Essentials – Including centralized inbox, invoice data capture, 360-degree vendor info, unlimited document storage, check, and international wire transfer, six standard user roles. Pricing starts at $39/month. 
  • Team – Everything in the Essentials plan plus integrations with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro/Premier, and Xero. Pricing starts at $49/month.
  • Corporate – Plus customized invoice templates, single or recurring invoices, payment status tracking, automated email reminders, ACH and credit card payments, auto-charge and auto-pay. Pricing starts at $69/month. 
  • Enterprise – Plus single sign-on, dual control, multi-entity, multi-location accounting file capabilities, and API access for custom integrations for a custom price. 


Synder offers easy accounting for e-commerce businesses to have a clearer view of their finances.

Teams can automate the bookkeeping of their transactions, connect all sales channels and payment gateways within one interface, have correct sales, tax and other necessary reports, including P&L and balance sheets in their accounting system.

Customers can import online payments, with smart data categorization and solid protection of their books with duplicates detection and a rollback function that allows undoing any erroneous data transfer in a couple of clicks. Synder enables customers to accept online credit card payments from whatever channels they use for online sales, and get instant insights. Try Synder now!

Plans and Pricing:

  • Medium – Includes 1 year of historical data import, smart reconciliation, instant sync, reporting, multi-currency management, basic inventory tracking, 3 additional users. Pricing starts at $39.99/month.
  • Large – Plus unlimited historical data import, extended inventory tracking, product mapping, bundles and assemblies syncs, white-glove onboarding, and unlimited users. Pricing starts at $199.99/month.
  • Custom – All premium features. 

Pricing depends on the sales volume and the number of sales platforms each business requires. 

Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is accounting software that facilitates proposals, payments, insights, scope management, and integrations. With Practice Ignition businesses can remove the friction by sending their clients a single smart proposal they can read, sign and make a payment on in one sitting.

Practice Ignition enables teams to close deals faster, automate onboarding and eliminating debtors, automatically reconcile invoices in Xero and Quickbooks, and gain insight into their profitability with Practice Ignition’s business intelligence dashboard. Try Practice Ignition now!

Plans and Pricing:

  • Starter – Includes ledger integrations with Xero and Quickbooks Online to automate accounts receivables, and Zapier integration to connect with apps and automate repetitive processes. Pricing starts at $65/month.
  • Professional – Plus multiple proposal options to allow clients to choose from up to three pricing or service options, custom proposal templates, video adding, custom branding, email templates, invoice tracking categories for automated invoice reporting. Pricing starts at $129/month.
  • Scale – Plus concierge onboarding and training and best practice coach. Pricing starts at $315/month.


Veem enables businesses to pay vendors, suppliers, and contractors anywhere, at any time. Veem’s next-generation payment tools enable businesses to streamline their processes and build business relationships with suppliers and partners all over the world. 

By combining traditional financial tools with the flexibility and transparency of modern technology, Veem aims to make global payments simple, secure, and affordable. With its multi-rail technology, transactions are routed through different methods or “rails”  including card, treasury accounts, blockchain, and the SWIFT network; while balancing cost, speed, and security to deliver a fundamentally different payment experience for each business.

Veem leverages intelligent risk automation technology and bank-level encryption to prevent fraud and ensure each transaction moves from point A to point B quickly and securely. Try Veem now!


Prices depend on the countries involved in each payment. Veem calculates live foreign exchange rates based on the current market rate, payment volume, currency, and geographic corridor. For senders, there are no sending fees, not even for USD abroad. For receivers, pricing can go up to $20. 

Punch Financial

Punch Financial is a full-service bookkeeping and CFO services company. They specialize in bookkeeping, finance, and CFO services for tech startups and high-growth companies.

Punch Financial aims to connect financial professionals with years of experience with companies at a fraction of the cost of building your own in-house team. Punch offers online bookkeeping, outsourced CFO consulting, cash flow management, accounts payable and receivable, key metrics and automation. 

With Punch Financial’s Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping solutions, businesses can modernize their accounting systems and time tracking processes, get rolling strategic forecasts, and develop a real-time financial insights dashboard. Try Punch Financial now!

Plans and Pricing:

Every client gets tailored flexible pricing. Punch Financial offers a customized quote and free consultation.


Quipu is an invoicing and financial management cloud-based software for freelancers and small enterprises. It’s specially developed for startups and designed for dummies on finance, helping them spend as little time as possible on administrative tasks. 

Quipu offers solutions such as billing, tax, document management, treasury management, invoice digitization, banking, and reconciliation programs.

Quipu allows businesses and freelancers to create invoices automatically using the data and the contact list, create categories, and analytical labels to be able to manage all the information about income and expenses. Customers can see the real status of the company’s accounts on a day-to-day basis to make better decisions and grow the business. Try Quipu now!

Plans and Pricing:

  • Starter – Includes income and expenses control, creation and sending of invoices, 20 automatic readings per month, customer and supplier management, document management, self-filing of taxes, recurring invoices, and custom invoice templates. The price is €12/month.
  • Solution – Includes everything in the Starter plan plus 200 automatic readings per month, synchronization and bank reconciliation, complete business documents. The price is €20/month.
  • Business – Everything in the Solution plan plus reports and analytical categorization, 300 automatic readings per month, automatic bank reconciliation, creation and edition of remittances, and 3 users.


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small businesses. Through Xero, small business owners and their advisors have access to real-time financial data any time, anywhere, and on any device. 

Xero offers an ecosystem of over 800 third-party apps and 200 plus connections to banks and other financial partners. Businesses can improve cash flow by getting invoices paid faster on Xero, access to real-time account information, and business tools from their Mac, PC, tablet, or phone, which means greater control and better decisions.

Xero solutions include bills payment, expenses claiming, bank connections, project tracking, bank reconciliation, contacts and smart lists, data capture, files, reporting, inventory, invoices, multi-currency accounting, and sales tax. Try Xero now!

Plans and Pricing:

  • Early – Customers can send quotes and 20 invoices, enter 5 bills, reconcile bank transactions, capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc. Pricing starts at $11/month.
  • Growing – Includes all from the Early plan, plus customers can send unlimited invoices and quotes, enter bills, and bulk reconcile transactions. Pricing starts at €32/month.
  • Established – Includes all from the Growing plan, plus multiple currencies, project tracking, and expenses claiming. Pricing starts at $62/month.

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