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Meet the promising international high-impact startups that won the 2021 Future Hamburg Award! (Sponsored)

Today the 2021 Future Hamburg Award was presented as part of a digital awards ceremony at the International Innovation Day by Plug and Play Hamburg.

The winners of this year’s award are the high-impact startups Breeze Technologies, traceless materials, and Infinite Mobility. Based in Norway and Germany, these three startups convinced the Future Hamburg Award’s expert jury with their smart solutions for sustainable cities of the future.

Up-and-coming businesses from 15 countries had applied for the award. Bonus prizes by homePORT, a partner of the award, were also bestowed on the teams of Blue Atlas Robotics from Denmark and KONVOI from Germany.

The three winning teams will be invited to join a tailor-made programme by the Hamburg Startup Unit and will be able to take their business model or products to the next level as part of the Reallabor Hamburg mobility project. Moreover, they will be supported in building a high-quality industry network and establishing contacts with investors. The first-place startup, Breeze Technologies from Germany, will also be able to take part in an international four-week accelerator programme hosted by Plug and Play in Silicon Valley.

In addition, the homePORT innovation campus of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) is contributing attractive bonus prizes: Blue Atlas Robotics from Denmark and KONVOI from Germany will have the opportunity to develop their products and solutions in the fields of logistics and maritime technologies at the HPA test field in Hamburg.

So without further ado, let’s meet the winners!:

1st place

Breeze Technologies (Germany) Established in 2017 and based in Hamburg and Copenhagen, Breeze Technologies is already a technology leader in the area of air quality sensors, data and analysis. The sensors developed by Breeze allow for real-time, area-wide air quality monitoring, whether on business premises or in urban environments. The Breeze Environmental Analytics Cloud collects real-time data from Breeze’s own air quality sensors and enriches these with information from external data sources. This technology helps managers, environmental scientists and city administrators understand their local air quality and identify ways of improving it. With their AI-generated decision-making tools for air pollution control measures, Breeze Technologies plays a decisive role in reducing CO2 emissions.

Combining a successful business model with the fight against air pollution, Breeze Technologies has the potential to thrive internationally. The company’s mature technology is particularly convincing as it provides extra transparency with regard to key questions on air quality. What’s more, it is possible to integrate data from third-party air measurement systems too. Other strong points include the company’s highly responsible approach to privacy and data protection. An outstanding startup that is already well-developed, Breeze is capable of greatly improving urban life through its recommendations for action in particular, while also providing potential usage scenarios for existing technologies. To honour the team’s innovative strength, entrepreneurial mindset and the willingness to collaborate, Breeze Technologies has been awarded the first prize of the Future Hamburg Award.

2nd place

Traceless materials (Germany)Traceless materials, a bio-economy startup, has created a holistic, eco-friendly alternative to plastic. The highly innovative technology developed by traceless now makes it possible to use by-products of the agricultural industry to produce storage-stable films, solid materials and wafer-thin coatings that are fully compostable. Yet this novel material has the same positive properties as conventional plastics. With its innovative plastic substitute, the company contributes to solving the global issue of plastic pollution. Founded in Hamburg in 2020 by two female entrepreneurs, traceless managed to secure a single-digit million investment in its first round of financing.

Traceless materials uses its innovative power to tackle one of the most pressing global issues caused by plastic waste. The founders have the expertise regarding the relevant technology and have been able to translate this into a highly convincing sustainable business model that has the potential to reduce the ecological footprint of products considerably. Still in an early stage, traceless is currently preparing to enter the larger market. The Future Hamburg Award is proud to support this challenging and exciting journey towards market maturity.

3rd place

Infinite Mobility (Norway) – Founded in 2020, Infinite Mobility specialises in developing lightweight, solar-powered vehicles for urban mobility, offering innovative solutions for short inner-city journeys. The company is committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals – poverty alleviation, climate action as well as sustainable cities and communities in particular – by ensuring that their solar-powered tuk-tuks are not only cost-effective, but also safe and space-efficient.

Infinite Mobility convinced the jury with its great range of usage opportunities and the high disruption potential of its forward-looking business idea. While the mobility market is still dominated by large corporations, small innovative companies are increasingly demonstrating that greater diversity can significantly improve the quality of life in cities. In future, micro-vehicles will play a key role especially with regard to the “last mile” and will contribute to shaping life in the city. Precisely because Infinite Mobility is still in an early seed phase, the Future Hamburg Award will be glad to support the company in taking its vision to the next stage. Being the host to the ITS World Congress for Intelligent Transport Systems in October 2021, the City of Hamburg is certainly a fitting location for advancing this project.

Additionally, the following bonus prize winners will be provided with access to the test field at the HPA’s homePORT innovation campus:

Blue Atlas Robotics (Denmark) – Blue Atlas Robotics aims to modernise underwater monitoring and the inspection of ships and other structures in the marine environment through cross-sector collaboration and autonomous analysis technology. The startup is currently working with a number of shipping companies on prototypes as well as customised product solutions.

KONVOI (Germany) – KONVOI is dedicated to developing a preventive security system for parked lorries based on sensors and machine learning. The aim is to make the stopping and resting time of such vehicles much safer as robberies have become a major global issue here in recent years. Using state-of-the-art technology, KONVOI helps protect the security of parked lorries via an autonomous process, while at the same time increasing the safety of drivers.

The Future Hamburg Award honours startups that have demonstrated excellent development in terms of innovative strength, impact and growth within their respective industry. Would you like to learn more? Please visit their website!

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte is the previous Editor at EU-Startups.com. She spends her time scouting the next big story, managing our contributor team, and getting excited about social impact ventures. She has previously worked as a Communications Consultant for number of European Commission funded startup projects.

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