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Stockholm-based martech startup Relatable is acquired by Bambuser, to boost livestream social commerce

Bambuser today announced the acquisition of Relatable, a global marketing technology company, for approximately 19.7 million. The purchase will bring together significant core competencies and proprietary technologies for Live Video Shopping and creative influencer marketing campaigns, which will better enable brands and retailers to scale high-impact livestream shopping implementations and drive business results.

Bambuser is a software company specializing in interactive live video streaming, which was founded in 2007 in Stockholm. The company’s primary product, Live Video Shopping, is a cloud-based software solution that is used by customers such as global e-commerce and retail businesses to host live shopping experiences on websites, mobile apps and social media. Founded in 2016, Relatable’s proprietary technology facilitates searching for and booking influencers for creator marketing initiatives.

Bambuser’s move to acquire Relatable follows a year of remarkable growth and widespread adoption of the Bambuser’s SaaS solutions for interactive e-commerce. The two companies will operate and service customers independently, yet collaboratively. Relatable founder Martin Garbarczyk will join Bambuser’s executive team as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), contributing his extensive experience building high-performing sales organizations to further accelerate Bambuser’s global growth.

To date, both Relatable and Bambuser have partnered with hundreds of brands from around the world, including shared customers like Samsung, Ted Baker and Klarna.

“By joining forces with Relatable, we increase our market pole position with an unrivaled SaaS offering that clearly differentiates us from the competition,” said Maryam Ghahremani, CEO of Bambuser.

The acquisition will add significant value to Bambuser and its shareholders by accelerating SaaS revenues and improving customer lifetime value. In addition, the acquisition will add key talent to predominantly Bambuser’s global sales teams.

“Bambuser and Relatable are a match made in heaven. I’m excited to build a global sales organization that leverages the enormous market demand and fuels growth to our SaaS business,” said Martin Garbarczyk, founder of Relatable and newly appointed CRO at Bambuser.

As a first step in the new relationship, Bambuser will add creative and strategic services from Relatable to its customers, enabling them to amplify campaigns before, during and after Live Video Shopping events. Teams will be co-located in Sweden, the US and the UK, where each company has an established presence, to enhance synergies and drive opportunities for cross- and upselling.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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