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Ayaz Quraishi, from Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, will speak at the EU-Startups Summit!

On the 28th-30th of April, we’re hosting the 7th edition of the EU-Startups Summit – this year as an online event. This 3-day event will give you the chance to (virtually) connect and network with over 1,500 participants, learn from many expert speakers, listen to educational talks with internationally successful founders, and bite your nails through our exciting pitch competition.

Today we are excited to announce a new speaker, Ayaz Quraishi, Head of the EMEA Private Markets team at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley. Ayaz will join us to discuss how founders of high-growth companies navigate the complexities of equity management.

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley provides innovative and intuitive solutions to ease local and global implementation of equity plans, so you can support every stage of your company’s growth and build a culture of ownership. Ayaz has been involved in equity management for over 10 years and as Head of the EMEA Private Markets team at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, he supports high-growth businesses to understand equity.

At the EU-Startups Summit, Ayaz will join us to simplify and de-jargon the world of equity plan management for founders, including discussing what share options actually are, what benefits they can bring your company and employees, the most common mistakes founders make when it comes to cap table management, practical steps to getting started and insights on the trends for 2021.

If you would like to check out this talk (and many others), plus meet 1,500+ startup players during the EU-Startups Summit, make sure to secure your ticket now!

More info can also be found here (page will be updated on a weekly basis). We look forward to seeing you online!

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte is the previous Editor at EU-Startups.com. She spends her time scouting the next big story, managing our contributor team, and getting excited about social impact ventures. She has previously worked as a Communications Consultant for number of European Commission funded startup projects.

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