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5 top online advertising trends for your startup to use in 2021

The year is off to a challenging start with brands and ad agencies in many markets still trying to figure out which channels to spend their budgets on. But as we all know, most startups do not have the luxury of expensive integrated campaigns, limited resources and reduced staff. With this in mind, how can startups promote their businesses effectively online in 2021?

Many have argued that nine times out of the ten the success of companies is based on the success of their brands no matter the industry nor market. Nowadays this couldn’t be more true as we all seek ways to reconnect and to redefine our purpose. With the year we have had, we are all looking for a brighter 2021 and for ways to stay relevant in a world which becomes more and more dependent on digital networks. 

So what types of advertising will be the most popular in 2021? When marketing budget spend is possible, what are the channels startups should go for? Here are five trends you need to know about if you want to stand out and make a difference:

Human connection through personalisation

In a year when we are all looking for a way out of the lockdown and for ways to reconnect, brands who are using any predictive models to better understand their audience and to build experiences and connections will win. So personalisation is key. You need to consider any algorithms which will help you tailor your product or service to your customers expectation and/or lifestyles. 

Quality leads 

As consumers embraced digital channels at an unprecedented scale, LinkedIn has proven to be a great channel for quality leads in 2020 and will continue to be so in 2021. Figure our where the customers, decision makers and influencers in your sector hanging out, and target them there. In many cases, LinkedIn has proven to be a successful platform for many these past months.

Direct email

‘Email is Dead’, or is it ‘Long Live Email’?. Direct emailing was never dead and it continues to perform well in many industries and markets. As we are spending more time at home, email has become (again) a great touchpoint in the customer journey. So do take the time to build your databases and do not miss any opportunity to have your customers subscribe to your newsletters.

Audio (live) streaming

We are all tired of screens but we are still continuously connected and have become very much attached to our headsets. The success of ClubHouse proves it, but also that of podcasts and music records sales. Investing in audio streaming in 2021 will show its fruits rapidly and the creative possibilities are endless.

Brand advocacy

Without any doubt no matter the times brand advocates and influencers have been one of the most effective strategies as we trust peers more than any other marketing message. Partnering with influencers in your respective fields can only reinforce your credibility. They will introduce your business to their communities and that’s a great way to build long term relationships.

The conclusion…

As startups you are in the privileged position of having a genuine story to tell – a story of reinventing, of changing the system or impacting the world. Make sure you tell that story every chance you get. 

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Veronica Fresneau
Veronica Fresneau
Veronica Fresneau is a tech and startups enthusiast, and an advocate for women in tech, startups and VC space. She has more than fifteen years of Marketing & Communications experience in several EMEA markets. Veronica is currently based in Amsterdam, where she coordinates brand & research for Rockstart, early stage accelerator-VC.

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