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London-based The Happiness Index lands €1.2 million to grow its employee engagement and happiness platform

UK tech company, The Happiness Index, recently completed a seed round and raised 1.2 million funding from angel investors to continue the growth of their employee engagement and happiness platform.

Founded in 2014, The Happiness Index provides employee engagement surveys and solutions to help founders identify focus areas, boost retention and create a happier workplace. The Happiness Index Universe database of approximately 7 million data points, from 490,000+ employees across 95 countries, is used to find the common themes and reasons around employee engagement and happiness.

The team believes that believe that by listening, understanding and taking action on employee feedback, organisations of all kinds create a better work-culture, improve staff retention and become more successful – both inside and outside the workplace.

The Happiness Index is made up of a team including business experts, data scientists, organisational psychologists, developers, product designers, who are currently serving 100 unique customers around the world. So far, the team has offices in New York, London and Shanghai, as well as landed three global partnerships.

Juluis Ewig, CEO, commented: “I believe that we need to empower our employees and to give them a voice. It’s not enough to offer free breakfast once a week or having a pool table. It’s inevitable if you want to succeed to start listening to your people, and I see the potential for the German market”.

Gemma Shambler, Head of People, commented: “As an employee at The Happiness Index, I wholeheartedly believe in the vision of THI and believe that the team can achieve success through their Mission 2026. This is a really exciting time for the company as the pandemic has provided an opportunity for THI to raise their profile in the market giving them the opportunity to become global leaders in the “Happiness” category. I therefore saw this as the perfect time to support their journey through investment.”

Ed Aitken, entrepreneur and investor in the round commented: “I invested in The Happiness Index because I fundamentally believe that society wants to move away from shareholder capitalism to a more socially sustainable form of stakeholder capitalism. Companies like this are at the forefront of that mind shift, showing that employee happiness and profits are intimately linked and practicing what they preach along the way”.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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