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(Dis)honesty in business? Take part in this groundbreaking research & find out what others think (Sponsored) 

People say that entrepreneurship is a “dog-eat-dog” world. Sometimes it’s not easy for founders to understand precisely how much they can push a new deal, investment or collaboration without going too far, risking tarnishing their trustworthy reputation.

Honesty (and dishonesty) are key concepts that can ‘make’ or ‘break’ your startup, both in terms of with your team, or external collaborators/investors. Whatsmore, even honest behaviour can sometimes be seen as the contrary.

What is classed as confident and strong-willed? And on the other hand, what is classed as moving into the realm of dishonesty? Each founder has their own lines, but do you know what the majority think?

In order to measure how people perceive (dis-)honesty in business, a group of researchers are running a wide-scale I&D survey called ‘MiscRisk’ (Risk for Misconduct in Entrepreneurship). 

The survey responses and interviews undertaken as part of this project will be used to create a ‘Risk Assessment Tool’ and a ‘Risk Prevention Toolkit’, which should help founders, incubators and accelerators prevent and ameliorate dishonest behaviours.

By taking part in this survey you’ll contribute to the ground-breaking research, as well as receive the results of the survey, to find out what others opinions are. All data is anonymous, and results are updated daily at 7pm GMT.

Complete the short survey here, and recieve an update about what other founders and startup players think. 

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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