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10 European startups that every new parent should know

Everyone will agree that being a parent is a big challenge, so it’s always handy to have a few tips and tricks to navigate the world of babies and toddlers. Thankfully, Europe’s startups have been working on some much-needed solutions over the past few years, most likely born out of real needs experienced by real founder parents.

We recently took a look at the young companies that were founded in Europe over the last few years, which show promising signs like having just landed funding rounds, or growing their team fast. Whether you’re still expecting and your little one has yet to arrive, or they’re already with us, these promising startups can save the day, from connecting you to other parents, to finding environmentally friendly food and toys.

Share(d) – This France-based startup (founded in 2017) offers an organisational tool for families. Share(d) is an app that enables families to have an overview of all child-related responsibilities, such as schedule of playdates, administrative documents, to-do-lists, shared expenses, as well as a messaging space. Children can be overwhelming sometimes, but with Share(d), you can breathe easier. In 2020 the startup completed a €3.7 million capital investment round and aim to expand to Germany in 2021, as well as now offering the application into more languages.

Hyber – Stockholm-based Hyber, founded in 2016, is a monthly rental service for kids and expectant parents. From smart, multifunctional clothes for pregnancy and nursing to kids’ strollers, the Swedish startup offers a convenient alternative. Their service not only simplifies family life and minimizes the environmental impact, but it also accelerates a new consumer behaviour where renting clothes becomes a natural alternative. So far, the kids in their community have together grown 330 million and saved 1 million kg CO2e. Cool, right?

Lullaai – This Spanish Techstars alumni, founded in 2019, has developed an AI-assisted baby sleep app that helps you to improve your baby’s sleep. Over the course of 15 days, Lullaai’s bedtime routines will expose your baby to 20 mins of lullabies and music to create the perfect sleep environment, while the AI algorithm will automatically track your baby’s night and learn which sounds help your baby resettle and get back to sleep faster. In addition, the app includes access to webinars and live chat with baby sleep consultants.

Mia & Ben – Mia&Ben is a Berlin and London-based food company making fresh baby food. Knowing that it’s a challenge for parents to keep up with making real, home-cooked food for their babies, the startup offers them an easy way out. Using high-pressure technology, the startup (founded in 2016) makes sure that vital vitamins and nutrients are locked in and natural colours and flavours are preserved. The nutritious, vitamin- and mineral-rich baby food purees have lifespans of six hours out of the fridge and can be enjoyed in two varieties.

Peanut – Motherhood is difficult. That’s why you need all the support you can get. The London-based Peanut app (founded in 2016) might be able to help. The app functions as a social network to connect with other women across fertility and motherhood. The criteria being assessed? Shared interests and ages of children. Furthermore, parents can create groups within the app to suggest meetup ideas and send invitations to their friends, and even chat about issues that matter most to them in a community-style board.

Babymoon Care – Every new mother has heard the term “Kangarooing”, a method of holding the baby to the chest that allows for direct skin-to-skin contact. Based on this, Babymoon Care, a Dutch social venture founded in2 020, has designed smart ergonomic baby carriers that would contribute to implementing attachment parenting techniques, while measuring the children’s vital signs. The flagship product, SMART KMC CARRIER is currently in the testing and trials phase and the market launch is scheduled for 2021.

Yamo – Yamo (founded in 2016) hopes to revolutionise the baby food market by giving parents a healthy alternative to having to prepare everything themselves. The Swiss foodtech startup uses high-pressure technology to produce fresh, 100% organic, natural and free from additives food for babies and young children. Their products include cups, pouches, and yamoghurts, but the product portfolio is soon to increase, backed by the latest €10.1 million investment from July 2020.

Elvie – Breastfeeding is an integral part of becoming a mum, but it can be quite difficult to keep the same pace once you got back to work. Luckily, Elvie (founded in 2013) has designed a breast pump for modern mothers, enabling them to pump anytime, anywhere. Simply place the Elvie pump in the nursing bra, turn it on, press play on the pumps or in the app and start your hands-free pumping session. Small and lightweight, with a sleek and minimal design, Elvie is the ultimate silent companion for new mothers.

Piccolo – How can we get our children to appreciate the true taste of vegetables, fruit, and grains? The UK-based food startup (founded in 2016) believes the answer lies in the Mediterranean, from where they handpick their ingredients and produce a range of fruit and vegetable stage one organic purées. In December 2020, the startup launched a first-of-its-kind baby food subscription service, offering personalised selection of Piccolo’s pouches, snacks, cooking ingredients and formula right to families’ doors.

Little Tummy – Little Tummy (founded in 2017) sells fresh, organic and pediatrician-approved baby meal plans through an online subscription model in the UK. Using an innovative cold-pressure method, Little Tummy offers 6 varieties of organic meals which are mainly vegetable-based, rich in plant-based protein and healthy fats. In 2019, Little Tummy received a gold medal at the Absolutely Mama Awards and supermodel Natalia Vodianova led the latest investment round.

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