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UK-based Glimpse Protocol secures €1.4 million to grow its privacy-preserving ad platform

Glimpse Protocol, the startup that delivers accurate digital ads with zero data disclosed, has announced an approx. €1.4 million seed investment round with participation from Force Over Mass Capital, angel investors Simon Franks (Lovefilm) and Eric Salama (former CEO of Kantar), and with added support from Innovate UK. 

Glimpse Protocol’s privacy-preserving ad platform increases value and reach for an industry that is undergoing a once-in-a-decade period of disruption driven by privacy. Established mechanisms for tracking consumers across the web are being ruled illegal in a wave of global privacy legislation, and by the end of 2021, they will become technically impossible when Google removes the third-party cookie.

By guaranteeing privacy and cutting out 3rd party data sources, Glimpse Protocol (founded in 2019) offers +30% ROI to brands and can extend reach to previously closed-off audiences. This fresh approach has resulted in significant traction with soon to be disclosed pilots taking place in Q1 2020. 

Glimpse Protocol was built by a team of technical intelligence and cyberwarfare professionals who all served in the British Army. Drawing on a combined 40+ years of understanding how information can be used to track individuals online, Glimpse Protocol uses a unique combination of edge processing and novel cryptography to ensure consumers can never be traced or de-anonymised. This cast-iron standard of privacy is achieved while still providing advertisers and with greater efficiency than the existing, notoriously wasteful, supply chain. 

Mark Stoter OBE, CEO and co-founder said, “Our vision for Glimpse Protocol is to set new standards for privacy in advertising, becoming the kitemark that consumers can trust. This investment enables us to roll out our technology that delivers valuable, effective advertising while respecting consumer privacy. With consumers, regulators and tech giants taking action on data privacy, the digital advertising industry is seeking a solution that can weather technical changes and increasingly stringent privacy requirements. Unlike our competitors, who offer partial stopgaps, Glimpse Protocol provides a uniquely clear vision of how the problem can and must be tackled.”

Simon Franks, an investor in the round, said: “Digital advertising needs to be re-shaped both for the good of the public and also for advertisers. Glimpse Protocol’s approach is exciting and timely and has the potential to disrupt an industry by allowing advertisers to reach the audiences they need but in an ethical way that respects consumer privacy and pays publishers a fair price. It’s a real breakthrough and I’m convinced that they will be both a commercial success but also a champion for the consumer. I am very proud to be a part of their journey.”

Eric Salama, investor and former CEO of Kantar, said: I’m delighted to participate in Glimpse’s seed round. Consumer Privacy is becoming a more and more central issue by the day and Glimpse is one of the few platforms combining effective advertising tools with complete respect for consumer privacy.  It allows the ad industry to serve brands and publishers in an ethical way.”

Glimpse Protocol is a Tech Nation Rising Star regional 2020 winner, and they are a participant in the Founders Factory accelerator programme. Glimpse will use funds to grow its engineering team and capitalise on the success of pilots completed across 2020.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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