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Amsterdam-based Stack nabs €700K to build the first ‘tab-less browser’

Dutch startup Stack has raised around €700K in a seed round from Peak Capital and 500Startups, to build the first ‘tab-less browser’, or as they call it Operating System for the Internet. With this funding, apart from growing their consumer user-base, Stack also plans to expand their service to enterprise customers worldwide, and grow their team with top talent.

“Browsers are by far the most frequently used software on the planet! And yet the last major UI change dates back to 2002. Due to such scarcity of innovation in this industry, conventional browsers are slow, messy, disorganized, and miserably fail to meet the working needs of 2020’s humans”, said George Laliashvili, Founder and CEO at Stack. “With Stack, we are challenging the 20-year-old habit of working with the internet. Stack comes with a completely different design and with its unique web-app management and organization features, it allows users to consume 3x more information while still remaining focused, in control, and productive.”

Stack, which started as a side-project in 2019, in less than 18 months has turned into the first tab-less browser that is helping more than 50,000 people to increase their productivity while working with the internet. Peak Capital was already in contact with the team since the beginning of 2020, but was intrigued by the progress the team made during the last months: “As early-stage investors, we always look for teams with a true passion and enormous drive to succeed. With 5 founders, each with a different skill set, but with the same high level of dedication, we were keen to find out more after our first conversation”, Stefan Bary, Managing Partner at Peak Capital, commented. “And then seeing fast growth to over 25,000 users from all over the globe in just a matter of months convinced us completely.”

Stack joined 500Georgia in June 2020 and, showing strong traction in just a few months, the team was transferred from the regional 500 program to its flagship San-Francisco Accelerator. “The Stack team is on its way to creating an easier way to be productive in the workday. As the pandemic drags on and more companies announce employees can work remotely permanently, it’s crucial to maintain productivity levels”, said Kate Seledets, venture associate at 500. “Stack has introduced browsing with a productivity layer by streamlining the web workflow and giving control back to users. The company describes itself as an “Internet OS,” and we believe the team has the technical knowledge, drive, and support to improve the way we work”.

“We are proud to have the number one accelerator in the world, 500 Startups, and the most reputable Dutch VC fund, Peak Capital, backing and sharing our vision”, said George Laliashvili. “The tremendous experience of Peak Capital and the vast network of mentors & startups at 500 further enhances our confidence that not only challenging the Status Quo is possible, but it is also exactly what we will be pursuing”.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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