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Amsterdam-based MessageBird announces €28.6 million Pusher acquisition, to boost its cloud communications portfolio

Amsterdam-based MessageBird, a leading omnichannel cloud communications platform, has today announced the acquisition of London-based real-time web technologies company Pusher. The approx. €28.6 million deal opens up a host of new tools and features that will help MessageBird’s customers talk to their customers in even more ways than before.

The acquisition comes less than two months after MessageBird’s Series C funding announcement on 8 October 2020, and represents the next milestone as the company transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers continues its path to IPO. 

Pusher’s real-time platform of APIs and SDKs will be integrated to become MessageBird Pusher, allowing new features like in-app messaging, push notifications, and location tracking. Pusher will of course continue to remain available as a standalone product and support for their existing customers.

“The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across all aspects of our lives. Consumers increasingly want businesses to communicate with them the way they communicate with their friends, on the apps they prefer. Bringing Pusher into the MessageBird family means it will be even easier for the 15,000 companies that rely on us to meet and communicate with their customers through messaging in whatever channel they prefer,“ said Robert Vis, MessageBird’s founder and CEO.

Pusher’s London-based team of 25 people will now become part of the growing MessageBird family, and its customer base – which includes GitHub, MailChimp, CodeShip and The Financial Times – will join the likes of Deliveroo, Lufthansa Airlines, Heineken, Hugo Boss, Rituals Cosmetics and SAP, who are MessageBird users. 

“We create and maintain complex infrastructure so that developers can build the real-time features their users need quickly, and focus on the user experience,” explained Pusher CEO Max Williams. “Joining MessageBird is a special opportunity to accelerate the impact and reach of the product we’ve spent the last ten years building. We couldn’t be more excited to help make MessageBird an even better omnichannel communications service than it already is, and expand its reach and depth with a host of exciting new features.”

From chat apps and polls to live sports commentary and mapped locations, Pusher (founded in 2011) empowers developers to create powerful real-time features at scale. The company has delivered over 18 trillion messages across thousands of apps for its customers.

MessageBird is one of the world’s leading omnichannel cloud communications platforms, offering a suite of both Omnichannel Products and Cloud Communications API’s that enable developers and enterprises to communicate with customers in virtually every corner of the planet, and on any channel. The company, founded in 2011, has raised over 245 million in funding to date. It has offices in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Singapore, Bogota, London, Shanghai, Dublin, Hamburg and Sydney.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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