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Vilnius-based logistics startup GoRamp lands €450K to expand into Poland and Western Europe

Having already landed €120K back in January of this year, Lithuanian startup GoRamp has just closed another round. The investment of €450K attracted from the venture capital funds Startup Wise Guys and Presto Ventures will be used for further expansion to Poland and Western Europe countries.

GoRamp, founded in 2017, helps manufacturing companies to avoid manual repetitive tasks, such as communicating with transportation companies via email/phone to agree prices, get feedback on truck numbers and arrival times, as well as activities like manually creating (often verbally subjective) reports. Via its real-time logistics platform, companies can speed up both external and internal communication regarding transportation shipments, warehouses can smoothly plan their workflow throughout the day avoiding queues, and C-level managers can track KPIs to make data-based decisions for process improvement. 

Since launching, GoRamp states it has played an important role in the manufacturing industry education, especially in the Baltics. The majority of manufacturers are still reluctant to manage their logistics processes with the help of systems because they find such solutions expensive or it’s still believed that systems should be programmed by themselves. One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is finding a way for third-party partners (such as carriers, suppliers, and customers) to get information about shipments and enter feedback about truck plates, arrival times and other relevant information directly to ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. 

During the COVID pandemic, the Vilnius-based logistics startup has helped manufacturing   companies to manage the shifting challenges of logistics management. Now the team continues to grow its portfolio of customers in Poland and Western Europe countries, where manufacturers are more technologically advanced. 

CEO and co-founder of GoRamp, Jevgenij Polonis commented: “The COVID-19 situation has led manufacturing companies to realize that the digitization of information and its accessibility from home, more efficient use of human resources to reduce logistics budgets and clearer data-based analysis of KPIs across the chain are variables that are important not only to cope with current challenges, but it could be a also long-term competitive advantage factors in the market. As a result, the need for transportation management systems is likely to increase and the GoRamp team is happy to contribute to the digitalization of the industry.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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