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Slovenian startup TAIA secured €1.2 million additional seed funding to expand with its AI enabled translation platform

The innovative translation platform TAIA, has raised a further €1.2 million in seed funding from venture capital fund Fil Rouge Capital, to expand into the United Kingdom, across Europe and to the USA with its AI enabled software which bridges the gap between translation agencies and Google Translate.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ljubljana, the TAIA team built its platform using deep learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, automation and professional human expertise, enables logic, accuracy and consistent quality of language translations in real-time. TAIA aims to enhance the capabilities of businesses who require multi-lingual platforms, content and legal documentation.

Marko Hozjan, co-founder and CEO of TAIA, explained: “Our localisation services are simple, easy and reliable software that businesses across the world can rely on to translate website content through to legal documents in 97 languages. Users get the best of both worlds – in only a couple of clicks, there are no emails involved, and the files are kept encrypted in the platform.”

The company’s proprietary technology translates content; users track the process from a dashboard where they can also involve human professionals to fine-tune text and include locally distinct language elements. TAIA uses its own translation memory technology that logs the history of translated content for each user, which sets it aside from its major competitors.

“We think there is a void between broken “old school” translation agencies and Google Translate. TAIA is perfectly positioned to fill that void,” says Stevica Kuharski, principal at Fil Rouge Capital.

Hozjan added: “At the moment, translation is not automated and, therefore, not scalable. TAIA provides companies with an out and out solution far faster and more cost effective than its competitors. We see two trends that are creating ever-greater demand for machine translation. One is the need for content localisation as 75 percent of consumers prefer making purchases in their language. And second, the advancements in AI technology have opened new ways to make translation processes more efficient. What we have done, is combine both elements.”

TAIA also enables users to upload files and receive translations in their original format. Currently, the platform supports 65 different file types, including websites and catalogs which are often not yet facilitated by other service providers.

To date, TAIA has thousands of users, collectively relying on their reliable translation services, connecting international corporations from entrepreneurs to the FTSE 500, including Red Bull, 3M, Hervis and Müller, amongst others.

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