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Berlin-based HR & legaltech twinwin raises €285K to help employers and employees part on good terms

German startup twinwin, which is on a mission to help companies and employees with ‘separation management’ has closed a first round of funding at €285K. Created by the previous founders of HRtech Kenjo (who also raised funding this October) and insurtech WeFox, the venture is particularly useful at this time of COVID19, when many working relationships are under shift.

Developed by Max Bauermeister and Eleni Arvaniti, twintwin wants to free employers and employees from monotonous, exhausting tasks by means of legal-tech digitalisation. Via its SaaS tool, it smoothes out on separation processes in which the employer and employee part on good terms – a ‘twinwin’, as they call it – while simultaneously ensuring legal conformity and fairness towards the employees as well as the corporate culture. Additionally, the startup offers tech-powered HR & Legal coachings to organize and optimize practices and achieve maximum efficiency.

The current situation demands intelligent transformations, while keeping in mind that after COVID -19, possibly abruptly, companies and employees may urgently need each other again. Twinwin states that it’s therefore important to be prepared for both at this stage. 

Co-founder Max Bauermeister explained more: “My parents both come from the film industry. It is common practice there to work together on a film and to then part ways. But it is always important that the working relationship comes to a clean end so that you can work together again on the next project and be successful together“.

Co-founder Eleni Arvaniti added: “As VP Legal and HR, I have often experienced that many companies avoid the taboo topic of separation. This leads to painful mishaps for both sides and sometimes to endless ‘war of roses’-like arguments, which neither party actually wanted and which costs not only nerves but above all a lot of money. In most cases, the issue is primarily up to the legal department, which hardly considers the central soft-skill factors. While the HR department often lacks the necessary legal know-how. Here, both aspects absolutely belong together for a clean separation that is gentle on both sides and which may even open up new shared prospects”. 

Twinwin has brought on board the product expert Florian Eismann, formerly at Fidor Bank, previously founder wefox and FRI:DAY, as investor and advisor, who supports the development of new markets with innovative products. Its board are SaaS experts and well-known investors from Silicon Valley, Charlie Songhurst (former Head of Corporate Strategy Microsoft, currently investor in numerous startups, including Workday), the early-stage VC Tiny and a number of prominent founders, such as the legal-tech founders Benedikt M. Quarch and Torben Antretter from Rightnow, and Patrick Andrä from HomeToGo.

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Charlotte Tucker
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