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Estonia-based Eziil nabs €1.2 million to digitize factories with its real-time production management software

Eziil has received 1.2 million funding from private investors and the Estonian state economic development agency, Enterprise Estonia, to offer more flexibility for project-based manufacturing companies and to expand to the UK market. 

Eziil, founded in 2016, is a production management software for factories that are looking to increase efficiency through better cooperation of work processes. Eziil is leading the shift to more efficient factories by automating work processes, like sales, inventory management, and planning of work orders, and visualizing a real-time production overview. “Without full transparency, you make decisions based on assumptions, not facts. The cost of errors is paid at the expense of your profit,” said Maido Janke, Eziil’s co-founder and CEO.

In the digital manufacturing software market, which is dominated by ERP (enterprise resource planning) and MRP (material requirements planning) based systems, Eziil’s SaaS platform stands out with its phased approach to software deployment and high integration capacity with other systems. 

With the new funding, the startup will further increase the platform’s configuration flexibility to match the production specifics. Eziil strives to significantly simplify the planning of project-based manufacturing, where the production processes are still often manually managed. The startup is committed to making real-time production overview the industry standard.

Several funds, investors, and grants contributed to the recent €1.2 million funding round, including a €350K investment from Lemonade Stand, Thorgate Ventures, a list of notable angel investors, such as Martin Henk (ex-Pipedrive), Taavi Tamkivi (ex-Transferwise, now at Salv) and many regional heavyweight industry experts. 

“Production digitization is a clear trend and the market is rapidly growing. Eziil’s systematic approach to building business processes also shines through in their product and is a strong sign that the team has the right foundations to rapidly grow its client base,” said Siim Teller, the lead investor from Lemonade Stand. 

The company’s clients include trusted manufacturers in the region, such as automated pick-up lockers producer Cleveron, window coverings producer Sunorek, and pharmaceutical manufacturer Interchemie that exports to over 100 countries. 

“What I really loved was the simplicity – data can be easily moved, copied, found, and added with Eziil’s software. It runs on different devices and integrates well with other programmes,” said Veiko Saluste, the managing director of Interchemie.

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Charlotte Tucker
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