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How can startups & scaleups benefit from the EU-Startups CLUB?

Last week we were excited to launch the EU-Startups CLUB, our first ever membership. But what actually is the EU-Startups CLUB, and what can you get from it as a startup? 

Put simply, the CLUB is your startup’s “go-to” place to stay up-to-date with tech trends, post jobs at your startup, check weekly listings of all European funding rounds, connect with other startups, get discounts for industry reports and events/services, much more. 

Overall, there are 3 CLUB packages available, each with unique benefits. The option for startups and scaleups is the second:

    1. Startup Enthusiast (Individuals)
    2. Startups & Scaleups (Companies)
    3. Corporates & Investors (Companies)

In this article we’re going to highlight what is included in the Startups & Scaleups package. Ready? Let’s get to it!

Unlimited (free) posts on the EU-Startups Job Board

When you’re looking to fill a position at your startup, it can be more than challenging to find the right cultural fit. Luckily, by posting your job on the EU-Startups Job Board, you know from the outset that the applicants reading your post are interested in startups, have an entrepreneurial mindset and an interest in tech, which is half the battle. Without a CLUB membership, posting a basic job on the EU-Startups Job Board costs €75, but once you’re a CLUB member you can post an unlimited number of job postings, anytime, anywhere. This benefit alone makes the CLUB membership worth it financially.

Weekly overview of European funding rounds

Every day across Europe, funding rounds are closed by startups and scaleups. On a given day, there could be 20+ rounds, with activity growing at certain times of the year. With your CLUB membership, every Friday we provide you with a detailed rundown of all the rounds closed during the week, so that you can track funding in certain sectors, keep a lookout for VCs investing in similar technologies and be aware of fast-growing startups that you might want to reach out to for potential collaborations.

Unrestricted access to 5500+ posts (instead of 5/week)

The EU-Startups online magazine is home to 5500+ articles focusing on industry trends, interviews with cool/prominent founders and VCs, rundowns of startup cities and hubs, startup battles, founder advice and more. As a CLUB member, you get unlimited access to this entire content library at any time, instead of only being able to view 5 articles a month without a membership. Plus, every month we will bring you additional unique ‘CLUB members only’ pieces of content that deep dive into sector trends and uncover the full story.

Unrestricted access to our Startup Database with 7500+ entries

The EU-Startups Database is packed with thousands of listings of startups from all over Europe, showing their name, country, city, founding date, sectors, website and description. Being a CLUB member gives you 24/7 access to this database of 7500+ entries, so that you can find who you’re looking for, for startup-startup partnerships, collaborations or connections.

25% discount on our Premium Reports

Every few months we bring out an in-depth report that digs deeper into the startup-related topics that matter. Whether it’s giving a rundown of Europe’s hottest AI startups right now, or the most active business angels in Europe that you should have on your radar, we do all the research so that you don’t have to. Startup and scaleup CLUB members get 25% discount on these reports, which are available indefinitely. 

Access to exclusive discounts for events and services from us and/or partners

Behind the scenes we’re working on exclusive discounts for your startup, either from EU-Startups or our partners. CLUB members will receive special discounts and benefits at the EU-Startups Summit, as well as for startup services in areas like consultancy, tech, and HR. Stay tuned!

Quarterly CLUB meetings (online) to interact with the EU-Startups team and community

We want to connect with you! Every 3 months we will hold an online meeting for the CLUB community, as a chance to ask the EU-Startups team questions, interact and meet the rest of the community. We’re already looking forward to it!

Finanlly, addition to these benefits, we wanted to let you, our dear startup and scaleup readers, know that by joining the EU-Startups CLUB, you will be a founding member of this tribe. Together the CLUB is supporting EU-Startups as an independent media publication, so that we can overall improve, deepen and expand the EU-Startups coverage, membership, startup services and more. Thank you for being part of it – there is certainly more to come!

To sign up for a Startups & Scaleups CLUB membership today, click here.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte is the previous Editor at EU-Startups.com. She spends her time scouting the next big story, managing our contributor team, and getting excited about social impact ventures. She has previously worked as a Communications Consultant for number of European Commission funded startup projects.

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