Sexual wellbeing startup Emjoy raises €2.5 million to further develop its category-defining app

Emjoy, the Barcelona-founded audio-based intimate wellbeing startup, today announces that it has raised €2.5 million seed funding in a round led by JME Ventures, with existing investor Nauta Capital participating.

The announcement comes as paying subscriptions for Emjoy’s app have more than tripled since lockdown began in mid-March. Emjoy now has 150,000 active users globally and this figure continues to grow steadily worldwide, with the company’s main markets being the US and the UK.

Founded in January 2019 and launched worldwide in early 2020, Emjoy’s mission is to close the orgasm gap by enabling women to discover their bodies and (re)gain confidence in their sex lives. With a library of 150+ audio sessions and sensual stories, developed by its in-house sex therapist and sexual wellbeing experts, the app provides a holistic solution to reduce pleasure inequality and help its users get in the mood.

As well as growing Emjoy’s team, currently made up of 11 people, the funding will also be used to help further develop Emjoy as a category-defining product, and propel it forward as the world’s leading female sexual wellness app. Drawing on the popularity of podcasts and audiobooks, and the huge progress being made by female empowerment movements in recent years, Emjoy has built an app that aims to make female sexual wellbeing accessible, providing its users with a format that feels safe and fun but that is also reliable.

Andrea Oliver, CEO and co-founder of Emjoy, commented: “This is an exciting time for Emjoy as we work to establish sexual wellbeing as a vital cornerstone of the global wellness sector and broaden the way that the space is viewed. This funding will play a vital role in helping to establish Emjoy as an everyday wellness tool in the same way that we now view mental health, fitness and meditation apps – which were once also considered as emerging categories. We also look forward to collaborating further with leading experts in the space, to ensure our users receive much-needed content, spanning all facets of sexual wellbeing and education; body positivity, understanding sexual trauma, and discovering oneself.

Women are becoming far more comfortable demanding products that meet their needs and, at Emjoy, we are delighted to be at the forefront of responding this, working to normalise female sexual wellbeing globally and further empowering them through our technology.”

The funding will also be used to further develop the app’s content and facilitate additional collaborations with leading academics, experts and influencers within the sexual wellbeing and education space. Emjoy’s library is updated weekly with new content and its audio collections are crafted and supervised by the company’s in-house sex therapist, Mia Sabat, to ensure that all of Emjoy’s content is not only science-based but also inclusive, reflecting the fact that no two users’ journeys will look the same.

Samuel Gil, Partner at JME Ventures, commented: “We strongly believe that Emjoy has all the ingredients to become a global leader in a very interesting nascent category. When an inspiring mission meets an extremely ambitious and talented team, it unleashes a force that can’t be stopped. Emjoy combines two sectors we are really bullish on: consumer subscriptions and digital health/wellbeing. It is a great example of how technology can be leveraged to bring excellent but otherwise hard to access solutions to the mass market. We feel really fortunate to partner with Andrea, Dan and the rest of the team and are looking forward to witnessing first-hand what they are going to achieve in the coming years.”