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5 engaging Europe-based founders to follow on LinkedIn

Linkedin is an amazing platform widely used to connect with colleagues and peers, look for a job, join professional groups, and share business-related updates.

For entrepreneurs or those interested in entrepreneurship, Linkedin also offers a unique opportunity to take a peek into the world of successful and experienced business owners, which can be an excellent idea for several reasons.

Firstly, here you will find successful women and men who have built their company or companies from scratch, and who can help avoid mistakes with their example. Secondly, these are individuals who are continuously learning, looking for new challenges, and setting up more challenging goals for themselves. Finally, it only costs a couple of minutes a day to read their posts or articles and get inspired. So, why not?

However, with over 575 million registered members and hundreds of influencers, who should you follow? Here are 5 inspiring and knowledgeable startup founders who you can’t miss following on LinkedIn.

Abadesi Osunsade is the London-based Founder of People Of Colour In Tech publication, Hustle Crew, and other change-making initiatives. She has shaped her voice on diversity, corporate-to-a-tech-career switch, leadership, and other topics. Additionally, she provides content on empowering working women (for example, on salary negotiation). Abadesi was named The Financial Times Top 100 Influential Leaders in Tech (2018), Tech Nation Top 50 Influential Voices in Tech (2019), Forbes 25 Black Business Leaders To Follow (2020), The Dots 100 Trailblazers (2020) – an impressive achievement!

Avi Meir – Avi is the co-founder and CEO of TravelPerk, a business-travel platform. This Barcelona-based entrepreneur shares his insights on the future of travel innovation – including the impact of the corona crisis on business travel. He strongly believes that travel will return bigger and better after the crisis. TravelPerk has been Europe’s fastest-growing SaaS startup – you can read our interview with Avi on the future of travel here.

Roberta Lucca – Roberta is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, keynote speaker on the future of games, and co-founder and CMO of Bossa Studios, a BAFTA-winning video games company. With her bright and bubbly personality, Roberta shares the content on female empowerment, branding, the importance of vision, and even the benefits of failure. Roberta also often speaks at conferences and events and creates YouTube videos and podcasts with other startup founders and influencers. Check out our interview with Roberta on future of games, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Tugce BulutTugce Bulut – Tugce is the Founder of Streetbees, a new generation market research company from London, the UK. What is unmissable about Tugce’s Linkedin posts and articles is her insights on market research topics relevant to business and daily life. She also raises the topics of mental health in the workplace, diversity, branding, and more. By the way, she was one of our recent interviewees talking about the future of market research.

Martin Villig – If you a fan of the future of mobility, electric cars, e-bikes, and zero-emission vehicles, Martin is the right person to follow. Apart from mobility, the co-founder of Bolt, a leading urban transportation platform from Estonia, also shares a lot of content about the Estonian startup ecosystem, and why it is a great place to build a successful company as well as some tips on remote work. Check out our interview with Martin here.

For more inspirational founder and startup content on social media, check out our article 20 of Europe’s most influential female startup voices to follow on Twitter.

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Daria Kholod
Daria Kholod
Daria is an experienced Communications and Marketing Strategist with an affinity for innovation and entrepreneurship. She is an active member of the Dutch innovation ecosystem. Daria writes articles about European innovation, with a specific interest in fundraising, female entrepreneurship and the Netherlands.

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