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London-based APEXX, a global payments platform, announces partnership with Paypal

APEXX, the multi-award-winning global payments platform, has launched a key collaboration with PayPal and the PayPal Commerce Platform to drive efficiency, reduce complexity and help boost conversion rates for merchants.

Founded in 2016 in London, APEXX combines acquirers, gateways, shopping carts and Alternative Payments Methods into a single API connection. Launched in 2019, PayPal’s Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms connects merchants, buyers, and partners globally and is integrated with Facebook and Instagram, among many others. It provides more payment choice and flexibility for over 300 million onboarded customer and merchant accounts. 

Through this collaboration, APEXX will boost consumer reach for merchants, which, in turn, will help to drive sales growth and maximize checkout conversion rates. Through a single API integration, merchants will benefit from a mix of alternative payment options and currency and country coverage which creates an easy onboarding process. This allows merchants an efficient go-to-market solution and to expedite the revenue generated. The broad range of payment alternatives are complemented by security, data privacy and fraud protections, ensuring APEXX continues to provide payments solutions that are both effective and secure.

Rodney Bain, co-founder and Managing Director of APEXX Global, said: “I’m delighted to announce that we are working with PayPal’s Commerce Platform. At APEXX we are always looking for new ways to provide a more efficient and customer-centric solution for merchants and PPCP does exactly that. I look forward to working with PayPal to enable merchants to achieve greater sales growth, consumer reach and higher conversion rates.”

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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