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British startup Drone Defence raises €550K to combat illegal drones

Drone Defence has secured around €550K in seed funding from US based corporate investor to develop proprietary drone detection technology, which combats the emerging drone threat.

Founded in 2017, by a former British Army Officer, Richard Gill, Drone Defence addresses security concerns over the illegal use of drone technology. They’re aiming to be one step ahead, as drones change the way mankind views, interacts with, and will eventually move around our planet.

From invading our privacy, to spying on companies anddelivering drugs into prisons, drones can be deployed for any number of illegal activities, including getting into the hands of terrorist or activist organisations.

The team knows that for drones to unlock their full capabilities, solutions need to be found to safely integrate autonomous drones into the sky in a future in which they will regularly share airspace with manned aircraft. The ability to track any kind of aircraft and interprete that data quickly and effectively is the key to unlocking the future of drone technology.

The startup has already made deployments internationally, including their SkyFence drone blocking product in Guernsey prison.  

This investment will allow Drone Defence to make advances in this field, and to develop their existing products further. They are currently also recruiting as the business expands – particularly welcome news during challenging times for many businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Richard Gill, founder and CEO of Drone Defence said: “This investment is going to drive our business forward and enable us to achieve our ambition of safely integrating small autonomous vehicles into general airspace. It will allow us to hire the experts needed to develop our prior proprietary technology and integrate it with our existing market leading mitigation technology.”

“Not only that the investment has also given us the springboard to launch into the America’s markets and with early interest from significant customers it is clear that the drone security market is only set to grow.”

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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