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British home décor startup Lick Home raises €3.3 million to grow its online DIY shop

With the majority of the world still following social distancing measures and staying at home as much as possible, it’s no wonder that home decoration projects are on the rise. British startup Lick Home, having launched this year, is riding this new wave of home improvement, having just landed a €3.3 million seed round led by Felix Capital.

Bringing home décor directly to consumer’s doorsteps, Lick Home is leading on the premise that a simple change in colour or design can have a massive impact on the way we feel about the spaces we live in. Taking the stress out of DIY, their online platform offers a range of durable and low-odour paints, artisan wallpaper, high quality decorating tools and true-to-colour stick-on samples.

Lick is not just hoping to target consumers, though. According to Lick, today 60% of the paint market is purchased and applied by professionals – a group that is focused not just on aesthetic and quality, but an easier and enhanced customer service experience. Lick’s product aims to address both audiences, through its two platforms, Lick Home and Lick Pro.

In addition, the visual nature of Lick’s product allows passionate people to share work and upload user-generated content. Lick has built a design blog that incorporates user photos, expert feedback, and how-to articles. The startups is also engaging with the community through many facets, including recently an “NHS Blue” paint colour supporting NHS (the British health service) charities.

Felix Capital commented: “When we met founders Lucas and Sam, it felt very clear that they were building much more than a paint brand. They are passionate about the opportunity to build Lick into a true home décor destination, not only by scaling into adjacent categories but also by leveraging their growing engaged community of individuals and professionals. It’s early days, but the pace and quality of execution have been spectacular with ingredients with love, such as attracting very strong and relevant talents around them.”

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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