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8 ways to increase your visibility in the ‘new normal’

By now, we have all gotten somewhat familiar with the numerous challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most entrepreneurs are working hard to keep up the momentum and adjust their business strategies to the “new normal”. The key question is how can we successfully manage to not only adapt to the “new normal”, but actually define it and improve our brand positioning while doing so? We’ve pulled together 8 ways to increase your startup’s visibility both internally and externally and master your communication campaigns amid this pandemic.

  1. Aligning your product with the current situation in a meaningful way

The challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have only increased these past months and it’s obvious that the most innovative startups are the ones who have succeeded in growing their visibility by building on existing trends. Telehealth is just one such trend making an impact. For instance, startups like Teleclinic and Cureety are moving ahead while developing telemedicine services to help patients get in touch with medical experts via digital channels. However, you don’t have to necessarily be in the health sector to be able to connect with your audience during this crisis. Be mindful, stay humble and try to give back something to your community. Customers will likely remember it and will associate your brand with good.

2. Focus more on the people and empower your team members

It is still unclear when the pandemic will be over, and in such times of uncertainty, people are rethinking what value means to them, and companies must listen carefully. Care for oneself and the others is, for instance, one significant value, which translated into the work environment, could mean a more genuine engagement with your employees. Finding original ways to keep in touch with your remote team, holding each other accountable and showcasing unique employees’ stories on different channels will build trust both internally and externally, as you begin to attract an audience who shares similar values. In this sense, Munich-based Personio has been doing an excellent job of highlighting the faces behind the roles. Just check out their social media channels and let yourself be inspired.

3. Virtual event experiences

Attracting your audience, generating interest, and creating memorable experiences is no longer dependent on a physical booth at a large-scale, in-person conference. Virtual events, webinars, and live videos can become genuinely immersive experiences and, most importantly, can make it easier to reach a higher number of users, potential customers, speakers, and partners while simultaneously investing less money. To help you transition to the online world, check out our 10 easy-to-use hosting platforms and start planning your next online workshop, virtual summit, or webinar.

4. Engage with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing has been growing steadily over the last, few years, and it goes hand in hand with the social media platforms where your audience is already active. Probably the most critical step in running a micro-influencer campaign is making sure you find a suitable profile for the role. Look through your follower list, do a keyword search on your most popular social media channels, or, if you have the financial resources, hire an agency specialized in influencer marketing. The idea behind engaging with micro-influencers is that you can start a more authentic and organic conversation around your product, leading to the effective promotion of your brand. Remember, current and potential customers want to hear real stories, from real people. Take a look at our guide, 10 steps to your startup’s first influencer campaign.

5. Leverage analytics

Irrespective of the sector in which your business operates, your customers are quickly adapting to the new normal by increasingly turning to digital products and services, especially as companies embrace work-from-home solutions. This generates mind-boggling amounts of data daily and it is more important than ever to leverage those unique sets of data. Use analytics to ensure you’re deploying every cent effectively. Keep an eye on the digital traces of your customers and deep dive into customer usage and behaviour. This will help you plan for future growth, even in a radically changing environment.

6. Give authentic recommendations

Paying attention to what and how your audience is searching amid the coronavirus pandemic can have a strong influence on the success of your marketing campaigns. If you want more traffic and potential leads, start creating content that answers particular questions that are relevant to your audience. Head towards Google Trends for insights and prioritize high-quality, educational, authoritative and helpful content as people seek more authentic lifestyle and work-related tips and recommendations.

7. Be as transparent as possible

The worst mistake is to pretend that you are simply doing business as usual. Be genuine and communicate with your customers by telling them how the virus might impact your startup and the creative steps you are taking to ensure the continuation of your business. These authentic stories about the actions you and your employees are taking to stay relevant will add to your brand reputation and will increase trust in your products and services.

8. Increase your focus on digital channels

This one couldn’t be emphasized enough! The new normal has been nothing but a catalyst for an accelerated digitalization of all businesses. Online sales have probably grown to the highest level in history. That’s why it is more important than ever to repurpose and reimagine as well as find online replacements of your products. From virtual tours to online stores, focus on creating connections with your audience by coming up with new digital offerings.

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Iulia Baidac
Iulia Baidac
Iulia is a strategist, communications and content marketing professional, based in Vienna. Passionate about cross-industry innovation, startups and technologies that make an impact on the world, her experience spans different European countries and sectors. A storyteller at heart, she enjoys helping entrepreneurs get the word out about their ideas.

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