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Munich-based Userlane scores €10 million for the global expansion of its digital adoption software platform

Userlane, a leading digital adoption software platform, has successfully completed a €10 million Series B financing round led by Five Elms Capital with participation from Series A investors Capnamic, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), and main incubator, early-stage investor of Commerzbank Group. The fresh capital will fuel Userlane’s U.S. and European expansion and accelerate product development with the goal of helping enterprises around the world improve adoption of the growing number of software solutions crucial to running an organization.

Hartmut Hahn, the CEO of Userlane stated: “We see that – especially given current market conditions – our customers are introducing software solutions to manage an increasingly remote workforce. Each of these customers is relying on Userlane to help employees adopt software faster and to effectively handle the increased demand for software support. With this new investment, we are able to expand our presence globally and accelerate our product roadmap, all while providing our customers with optimal support across different markets and time zones.”

Joe Onofrio, Partner at Five Elms Capital added: “The need for digital adoption solutions is growing exponentially as enterprises deploy more and more software to manage an increasingly complex and distributed workforce. Hartmut and his team have fostered an incredible culture, and built an impressive product, all with limited resources. We are excited to help the company build upon the foundation of success and significantly increase its market presence.”

Userlane was founded in 2015 and has seen a big surge of demand since March of this year. Despite this time of economic uncertainty, the number of companies that rely on Userlane’s technology has been increasing rapidly. In addition to fast-growing technology companies such as Celonis, Personio, and Freighthub, large global organizations such as Beiersdorf, Linde, and Allianz started working with Userlane to empower their users and employees.

At the core of Userlane’s technology are interactive step-by-step guides that layer on top of any browser-based software. These guides can be built with no technical knowledge and lead users through complex processes directly in the application. In contrast to video tutorials, Userlane communicates live with software users by using automatically gathered data from the underlying application to guide them through hundreds of actions. Users, through their own actions, can learn how to complete any task within the software platform, which in turn, increases adoption.

The trend towards an increasingly remote workforce and the costs associated with the introduction of software to manage a more complex organization put companies under enormous pressure. Munich-based Userlane set out to help companies accelerate their digitization efforts and drive efficient and accurate software adoption.

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Thomas Ohr
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